As Amended by Senate Committee on

Federal and State Affairs


The bill would amend two statutes in regard to the Kansas Commission on Veterans' Affairs. The first section of the bill would allow the Commission to meet at any place within the state, rather than only at the Commission's office in Topeka or the Kansas Soldiers' Home in Fort Dodge.

The second section would amend a statute regarding the reduction of executive and legislative positions when an employee retires. Under that law, staff position and expenditure authority is removed from any agency from which an employee retires under most circumstances. S.B. 689 would amend the list of direct care positions that are exempt from the current retirement reduction requirement by adding direct care staff of the Kansas Soldiers' Home and the Kansas Veterans' Home.

If passed, S.B. 689 would be effective upon publication in the Kansas Register.


The introduction of S.B. 689 was requested by a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. Senator Salmans and Don Myer, Executive Director of the Kansas Commission on Veterans' Affairs, testified in favor of the bill.

The Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs amended the bill by deleting sections 3 and 4 upon request of the Executive Director. The Senate Committee also amended the bill to have it become effective when published in the Kansas Register.

The Division of the Budget estimates that passage of S.B. 689 would have no measurable fiscal impact.

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