As Amended by House Committee on

Health and Human Services


S.C.R. 1613 directs the establishment of a 16-member task force on long-term care services to study the implementation and operation of recent statutory changes relating to adult care homes, the long-term care ombudsman program, state and federal laws and rules and regulations, and other matters deemed appropriate by the task force.

Pursuant to the provisions of the concurrent resolution, eight of the members of the task force are to be appointed by the Legislative Coordinating Council, including four consumers of long-term care and four providers of long-term care. The House Committee amendments suggest, but do not mandate, that consumer members include persons interested in improvement in the quality of long-term care, care for persons with dementia or Alzheimer disease, or care for those with disabling conditions. The amendments suggest the provider members include representatives of for-profit and not-for-profit adult care homes, free-standing assisted living facilities, or adult day care or home health care agencies.

The other eight members of the task force are to be members of the Legislature who serve on the Senate Committees on Public Health and Welfare and Commercial and Financial Institutions and the House Committees on Health and Human Services and Insurance who are appointed by the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and the Minority Leaders of each House. No more than two legislative members could be from the same Congressional District.

The chair and vice-chair of the task force are to be appointed by the Legislative Coordinating Council. Members would receive reimbursement for attending meetings of the task force as authorized by the Legislative Coordinating Council.

The House Committee amended the date for submission of a report to the Governor and Legislature.


S.C.R. 1613 was introduced during the 1997 Session of the Legislature by the Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare in response to a number of issues that concerned long-term care that were before the Senate Committee. The resolution remained in House Committee at the end of the 1997 Session.

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