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H.B. 2233 amends the Criminal Procedure Code to allow cities and counties to charge a booking and processing fee when fingerprinting is required. These fees will go to the general fund of the city or county that funds the sheriff, police department, or countywide law enforcement agency that obtains the fingerprints.

The bill also amended the law dealing with the Law Enforcement Training Center Fund, which supports the operation of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center near Hutchinson. Current law provides that $9 of the docket fee charged in criminal and traffic cases in the district courts is to be deposited in the Law Enforcement Training Center Fund. However, current law also provides that this remittance will be reduced from $9 to $8, effective July 1, 1998. The amendment extends the $9 fee indefinitely.

The Senate Committee added provisions of S.B. 530 dealing with the Law Enforcement Training Center Fund and docket fees.


Written support for H.B. 2233 was received on behalf of the Sedgwick County Sheriff.

The fiscal note indicates a cost of $35,495 from the State General Fund to implement the bill. An additional undetermined cost would be for the required reprogramming of the computer system.

Proponents appearing in favor of S.B. 530 included the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Commission, the Kansas Sheriff's Association, the Kansas Peace Officers Association, and the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. There were no opponents.

The fiscal note on S.B. 530 indicates that, if the bill were enacted, income accruing to the Fund would continue at current levels ($2.2 million per year). Under current law, revenues to the Fund are predicted to be reduced by $188,000 if the remittance is reduced to $8.

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