As Amended by Senate on Final Action


The bill would make several amendments to the Parimutuel Racing Act. Specifically, the bill would:

The bill would become effective upon publication in the Kansas Register.


The bill was introduced during the 1997 Session at the request of the Racing and Gaming Commission. The Executive Director of the Commission presented testimony in support of the bill at the hearing before the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs. No opponents of the bill testified at that Committee hearing.

The House Committee amended the bill to include the provision regarding licensure and business dealings of stewards or racing judges and their relatives. Other House Committee amendments are technical in nature.

The House Committee of the Whole amended the bill to retain existing law regarding the number of Assistant Attorneys General assigned to the Racing and Gaming Commission. The House also amended the bill to eliminate a provision that would have changed the financing of the attorney positions working on nontribal matters. The effect of the House Committee of the Whole amendment would be to continue the existing policy of financing those positions from the State Racing Fund.

The Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs amended the bill to eliminate proposed changes to the way takeout from simulcast races is handled.

The Senate amended the bill to specify the basis for allocation of purse money generated from simulcast horse races at dog tracks.

The Division of the Budget fiscal note based on the introduced version of the bill states that the bill would have negligible fiscal impact on the Racing and Gaming Commission. The fiscal note does not address any impact that might result from subsequent amendments.

1. *Supplemental notes are prepared by the Legislative Research Department and do not express legislative intent. The supplemental note and fiscal note for this bill may be accessed on the Internet at