As Amended by Senate Committee on Commerce


H.B. 2591 would amend the Workers Compensation Act as follows:


The bill was recommended by the 1997 interim Joint Committee on Economic Development. The report of the Joint Committee can be found in the Committee Reports to the 1998 Kansas Legislature.

At the hearings on the bill, those appearing in support of the measure included: a state senator, an official with the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, a representative of Dakota, Inc., a representative from Custom Concrete Cutting, an official with the National Federation of Independent Business, and several self-employed subcontractors. Written comments in support of the bill were received from the owner of Louis Droge Construction and a member of Bideau Law Offices.

Opposition to passage of the bill was expressed on behalf of the Kansas Building Industry Association, KanBuild, the Topeka Home Builders Association, and Star Lumber and Supply Company.

Comments and concerns regarding the impact of the 1997 provisions as well as other concerns were brought before the Committee by conferees with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association.

The Director of Workers Compensation addressed the Committee on behalf of the Workers Compensation Advisory Council to explain pertinent parts of the Workers Compensation Act. Officials with the Insurance Department addressed the Committee to answer several requests for information.

A subcommittee on the bill was appointed to focus on H.B. 2591. Open discussions on the bill were held over a period of several days. The amended bill incorporates a recommendation of the subcommittee. Another recommendation to establish a task force to review the several issues involved was passed by the Committee and will be drafted separately.

The death benefit provisions are from 1998 H.B. 2982.

The Senate Committee deleted the House Committee of the Whole amendment.

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