As Amended by House Committee on



H.B. 2613 would allow the Governor to transfer by quitclaim deed all rights and interest to a specific portion of real estate, including improvements, in Concordia, Kansas.


H.B. 2613, as introduced, was sponsored by Representative Freeborn, who appeared in support of the bill along with a representative from CARES, Inc.

The real estate is the "old" Washington School and grounds, which was built in the early 1900s. Unified School District No. 333 had deeded the school to CARES, Inc.; however, the age of the property and the number of times the property had been transferred requires that any former rights and interest also be deeded to CARES, Inc. A quitclaim from the Governor would allow this.

CARES, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that trains dogs for individuals with disabilities. The property serves as both administrative offices for staff and housing for animals that are being trained.

The written requests for grants from numerous foundations which will provide for the financial support to renovate and make the building totally accessible are almost complete and other donations are being solicited. However, a barrier has been the ability to clear title for the property. CARES, Inc. asked the Kansas Legislature to approve changing of title to CARES, Inc. in order to allow the organization to continue their goals of renovating the building.

The House Committee's amendments to H.B. 2613 were technical in nature.

The fiscal note on H.B. 2613, as introduced, indicated that there is no fiscal impact associated with this bill. The Committee amendment would not alter that analysis.

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