As Amended by House Committee on



H.B. 2621 designates a part of U.S. Highway 77 as the Walnut Valley Greenway. The portion of the highway designated as the Walnut Valley Greenway begins at U.S. Highway 77 from its south junction with U.S. Highway 77 Business, then north to the north junction with U.S. Highway 77 Business. The Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is required to place highway signs along the highway right-of-way at proper intervals to indicate that the highway is the Walnut Valley Greenway. No signs will be placed until the Secretary has received sufficient moneys from gifts and donations to reimburse the Secretary for the cost of placing the signs. The Secretary may accept and administer gifts and donations to pay for the cost of the signs.

The bill also clarifies that the portion of the U.S. Highway 77 Business is the Robert B. Docking Memorial Highway.


Representative Shriver testified in support of H.B. 2621. He stated that the bill was requested by a local nonprofit organization in Arkansas City. He noted that the Arkansas City Beautification Committee is working with Kansas State University and other local groups to develop parks and recreation areas along the recently opened bypass around the east side of Arkansas City. The City of Arkansas City requested the naming of the by-pass as the Walnut Valley Greenway.

The Committee amendment was requested by Representative Shriver. He indicated that KDOT has renumbered the bypass as a part of U.S. Highway 77 and changed Arkansas City's main street designation to Business 77. He noted that previous legislation had designated U.S. Highway 77 Business as the Robert B. Docking Memorial Highway. The amendment would clarify that this portion of highway remain as the Robert B. Docking Memorial Highway.

KDOT indicates that passage of H.B. 2621 would require only KDOT employee time to put up the signs. The costs of the signs would be paid for through private gifts and donations.

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