As Amended by Senate Committee of the Whole


H.B. 2627 amends the Kansas Parentage Act dealing with notice of out-of-state residence changes, the Kansas Code for Care of Children dealing with notice of parents, and the Juvenile Justice Code dealing with the organization and management of the Juvenile Justice Authority and the prosecution and placement of juvenile offenders.

H.B. 2627 adds a provision to the Kansas Parentage Act which would require a parent who has custody of a child to give notification to the other parent who has custodial or visitation rights at least 21 days before an out-of-state residence change can take place. The 21-day notice, which must be sent by restricted mail, return receipt requested, would also apply when the child is to be removed from the state in excess of 90 days. Notice would not be required to a parent convicted of crimes in which the child was a victim.

Failure to give notice would be civil contempt of court. The court, in addition to punishment under current law, could levy reasonable attorney fees as well as any other expenses incurred by the other parent.

A change of residence or removal to another state, as set out in the bill, could be considered a material change of circumstances to justify modification of a child support or child custody order.

The House Committee of the Whole amended the bill to provide in the child in need of care (CINC) cases the following:

The Senate Committee of the Whole added provisions of Sub. for S.B. 682. This amendment would make a number of changes to statutes concerning juvenile offenders and the Juvenile Justice Authority. The major changes are summarized below.

Organization and Management

The bill would:

Juvenile Offender Prosecution and Placement

The bill would:


Support for H.B. 2627, dealing with the Kansas Parentage Act, was expressed by a conferee representing the Judicial Council Family Law Advisory Committee. There was no opposition expressed. The fiscal note indicates only modest fiscal impact.

The House Committee of the Whole added provisions of H.B. 2788 dealing with parental notice of child in need of care actions.

The Senate Committee of the Whole added provisions of Sub. for S.B. 682, which was requested for introduction by the Commissioner of Juvenile Justice. As introduced, the bill was similar to H.B. 2861, which was not acted upon by the House Committee on Judiciary prior to the deadline for bills in the first house.

The Commissioner of Juvenile Justice presented background on the bill to the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs. A representative of the County and District Attorney's Association presented suggested amendments prepared by the Geary County Attorney. No opponents of the bill presented testimony at the Senate Committee hearing.

The substitute bill incorporates changes that were suggested by the Commissioner of Juvenile Justice and by the Geary County Attorney. Other changes in the substitute bill are technical and clarifying in nature.

The fiscal note prepared by the Division of the Budget for the introduced version of the bill indicates that the Juvenile Justice Authority anticipates that any fiscal impact of the bill could be absorbed within the agency's existing resources. The fiscal note does not address the impact of changes incorporated in the substitute bill that were not included in the original bill.

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