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Sub. for H. B. 2716 would impose a fee of between $9 and $18 on nonmechanically propelled, nonsailing vessels. The fee for additional registrations would be between $2 and $4. Such vessels would be exempt from the requirement for vessel numbering and from the requirement to show proof of payment of sales or use tax prior to registration.


This bill was supported by Representatives Sloan and McClure and representatives of the Kansas Canoe Association, the Kansas Aggregate Producers' Association, Friends of the Kaw, and the Kansas Wildlife Federation. At the hearing, Representative Sloan proposed the substitute bill.

The Secretary of Wildlife and Parks sets the registration fees by regulation. Currently, the registration fee for a motorized or sailing vessel under 16 feet in length is $15, and for vessels 16 feet or longer, the fee is $18. There is a $.50 service charge for issuance of any vessel registration. Examples of nonmechanically propelled vessels would include canoes, kayaks, johnboats, and rowboats.

According to the Secretary of Wildlife and Parks, registration is required only for vessels upon the public waters of the state, including the navigable rivers, the Arkansas, the Kansas, and the Missouri Rivers. The registration would not be required for operation on private waters, e.g., farm ponds, watershed lakes, and nonnavigable rivers and streams.

According to proponents, the purpose of the registration fee is to provide funding for access points for canoes and kayaks on the Kansas River; since such vessels do not pay a registration fee, use of the boating fee fund to finance such improvements could be considered a diversion of funds.

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