As Recommended by House Committee on

Governmental Organization and Elections


H.B. 2730 amends the Campaign Finance Act dealing with filing deadlines for candidates' campaign contribution and expenditure reports for candidates of cities of the first class, for the Board of Public Utilities in Kansas City, and candidates for the Wichita school board. The bill requires treasurers to file a wrap-up report on June 10 for a period beginning 11 days before a general election and ending on June 6, and January 10 of the year after a general election from a period beginning June 7 and ending December 31. Current law requires these reports to be filed by January 10 of the year after the general election.


A representative from the Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards and Conduct testified that the Commission recommended this bill in its 1997 Annual Report. According to the representative, the public does not have access to campaign contributions received, and expenditures made, within the 11 days preceding and up to the day of the general election, until January 10 of the year after the general election. These reports are unavailable for examination by the public for almost nine months. The representative also testified that the wrap-up report for these local candidates should be filed closer to the general election, similar to reports filed by state and local candidates which are filed approximately 60 days after the general election.

According to the Commission, the fiscal impact on state expenditures would be $266 for printing and distributing additional reports to certain candidates.

Due to its noncontroversial nature, the Committee recommended the bill be placed on the Consent Calendar.

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