As Amended by Senate Committee on Utilities


H.B. 2743 would amend the Kansas Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act to require an excavator to immediately inform emergency personnel of a municipality, if the excavator determines that the protective covering of an electric line is penetrated or dangerous gases or fluids are escaping from a broken line located in that municipality. The bill defines "municipality" as any city, county, municipal corporation, public district, or public authority located in whole or in part within this state which provides firefighting, law enforcement, ambulance, emergency medical, or other emergency services. Existing law does not specify whether the emergency personnel to be contacted should be personnel associated with the owner or operator of the underground facility or emergency personnel of a municipality.


H.B. 2743 was requested by Representative Larry Campbell, who testified before both the House and Senate Utilities Committees in support of the bill. Steve Coleman, Pipeline Safety Supervisor for the Kansas Corporation Commission, also testified before both Committees in support of the bill. Mr. Coleman indicated that the amendments concerning emergency personnel should clarify the notification requirements and thus enhance public safety. There were no opponents to the bill.

The Division of the Budget's fiscal note indicates the bill has no fiscal impact on state revenues or expenditures.

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