As Recommended by House Committee of the Whole


H.B. 2783 would allow a cooperative agreement related lease between the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the U.S. Department of the Army to modify and restore approximately 2,550 acres of permanent and seasonal wetland habitat located on the Republican River floodplain within the flood control pool of Milford Lake. The project would be developed in three stages. The bill would provide that not more than $361,512 of total project costs be paid from the State General Fund. The remainder of the nonfederal share of project costs would be paid from nonstate moneys. The Department of Wildlife and Parks would be authorized to assume costs associated with the operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of the area in each stage of the Milford Lake wetlands wildlife habitat restoration project. These costs would be paid from wildlife-related fee funds of the Department and from any nonstate moneys available.

A portion of the first stage of the restoration project in Clay County would be designated as the Steve Lloyd Wetlands. The bill would require placement of suitable signs and an observation deck to indicate the area is the Steve Lloyd Wetlands. The Secretary would be able to accept and administer gifts and donations for the purpose of installing the signs and observation deck.

The bill would take effect upon publication in the Kansas Register.


This bill was referred directly to the House Committee of the Whole.

The fiscal note indicates that the Department of Wildlife and Parks has stated that the estimate for total construction costs for development of the Milford Wetlands is $5.0 million. According to the fiscal note, the first phase would cost $2,054,018. The note also states that the bill would require that no more than $361,512 be paid from the State General Fund for the wetland development project. This State General Fund amount would go toward the first phase. The note indicates that the cost of developing the remaining two stages is estimated at $2,945,952. Of this total, $888,488 must come from nonfederal funds. The note states that these nonfederal funds, for stages two and three, will be acquired by WILDSCAPE from donations made for this wetland development project. The Governor amended his budget to provide the $361,512 State General Fund payment. Therefore, this amount is now contained in the FY 1999 Budget Report. No estimates have been provided for the anticipated annual operating costs that would be incurred by the Department of Wildlife and Parks once the project is completed.

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