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H.B. 2789 would increase the amount of allowable expenses for crime victims from the current $2,000 to $5,000. Allowance items were expanded to include replacement of clothing or bedding which were seized for evidence. Compensation for work loss and other loss is increased from $200 to $400 per week or actual loss, whichever is less.

The filing period for making an application for compensation is lengthened from one year to two years.

Compensation for mental health counseling may be allowed to a claimant who is or will be required to testify in a sexually violent predator commitment proceeding.


The Executive Director of the Crime Victims Compensation Board appeared in support of the bill.

The fiscal note indicates that wage and dependent care loss would increase from the current level of $240,000 to $480,000. Funeral expense reimbursements would increase from $150,000 to $375,000. Other changes would account for additional awards of $40,985. The total fiscal impact would be increased expenditures of $505,985 from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund (CVCF). The CVCF showed a positive balance of $973,078 at the end of FY 1997. The estimated balance forward, under current law, for FY 1998 and FY 1999 is $1,711,504 and $2,170,499, respectively. Individual claim payments would increase, under the provisions of the bill, but there is no anticipation of a significant increase in the number of claims upon passage of the bill.

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