As Amended by Senate Committee on

Ways and Means


H.B. 2792 would combine the State Fair's Fair Fee Fund and its Non Fair Days Events Fund into a single fund from which all expenditures (both State Fair related and nonrelated) would be paid out. The single fund would be called the State Fair Fee Fund.

The bill was amended by shifting ahead by two months the time span that the State Fair can employ temporary employees. The six-month time span was shifted from the period of July 1 to December 31 to the period of May 1 to October 31.


The proponent of the bill was the general manager for the State Fair. The Non Fair Days Events Fund was established in the 1970s to provide a means to pay for expenses that were technically not a State Fair expense. The Non Fair Days Fund was designated a "no limit" fund. In 1989 the State Fair Fee Fund also became a "no limit" fund. The Division of Accounts and Reports maintains two accounts for these two funds, and the State Fair also maintains two local banking accounts for each fund. The State Fair official testified that the agency would account for revenues and expenditures for each fund at the budgetary subcommittee-program level.

The general manager stated that the amendment would allow the State Fair to hire part-time employees earlier so that fair attendance and sales may be increased. There was no opposition to either the bill or the amendment.

The fiscal note indicates that the special revenue fund savings by combining the two funds into one in FY 1999 would be $1,230.

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