As Amended by Senate Committee of the Whole


H.B. 2806 amends the Uniform Payment of Claims Act and the law dealing with the Kansas Parole Board. The bill permits municipalities to authorize the reimbursement of employees' travel expenses in advance of approval of these claims by the governing body if the claims cannot be paid within 15 days of its submission. Currently, the Uniform Payment of Claims Act permits payments in advance of their approval by the governing body if the advance payment will result in a discount.

Municipality is defined to include cities, counties, school districts, townships, community colleges, and other political and taxing subdivisions and their boards or committees having the power to create indebtedness.

The bill also reduces the size of the Kansas Parole Board from four to three members effective January 15, 1999; requires that new members have a baccalaureate or higher degree from a college or university; authorizes the Governor to appoint a temporary pro tem member of the Parole Board upon application of the Board Chairperson; authorizes the use of two-member hearing panels; requires a majority vote of all members or both members of a two-member panel for the granting of parole to offenders sentenced for class A or B felonies and for off grid crimes; authorizes Department of Corrections employees to conduct postrelease supervision hearings for review by Parole Board panels; and authorizes an offender under a determinate sentence to waive the right to a final revocation hearing under conditions prescribed by rules and regulations of the Parole Board. The bill is effective upon publication in the Kansas Register.


The bill was supported by the Kansas Association of Schools Boards and the Kansas National Education Association.

The Senate Committee of the Whole added provisions of S.B. 587 dealing with the Kansas Parole Board. The bill was requested by the Kansas Parole Board in an effort to adjust the size of the Board to reflect the reduced workload due to sentencing guidelines and to enable the Board to continue to operate effectively. S.B. 587 would require additional general fund expenditures of $7,800 in FY 1999 above the Governor's budget recommendations according to the fiscal note.

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