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H.C.R. 5051 concerns information on autism treatment options:


H.C.R. 5051 was recommended by the House Education Committee as a replacement of H.B. 2671 (S.B. 468 is identical to H.B. 2671).

The bill, recommended by the Kansas Autism Foundation, proposed to do the following.

A professional who diagnosed or conducted an educational assessment of a child for autism was to be required to provide the child's family:

The State Department of Education was to be directed to assemble the information on treatment options. Professional persons were to be required to provide the information and resource lists to the Department for distribution. Thereafter, the information was to be provided to all parties involved in the treatment review process, as well as to all professionals in Kansas qualified to make such a diagnosis; school districts; special education cooperatives; and any autism resource center in the state. Further, the State Board of Education was to be required to establish a separate special education category of autism.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Autism Foundation, a University of Kansas professor of Human Development and Family Life and of Psychology, the Director of Research for the New England Center for Children, and the parent of an autistic child presented testimony as proponents of the bill. Most of the emphasis was directed toward obtaining greater recognition of the applied behavior analysis treatment modality for autistic children. The Kansas Association of School Boards and Wichita (USD 259) opposed the bill.

The fiscal note on the bill was estimated at $2,500 in FY 1999.

The House Committee on Education concluded that the main purpose of the proposal--to disseminate more broadly information about autism treatment modalities--would more appropriately be addressed by concurrent resolution than by statutory enactment.

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