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What is KanAccess?

KanAccess is a way to conveniently link your Services to a single set of credentials. How do I link KanAccess with my Subscriber Account?

How do I create my KanAccess profile?

Most applications using KanAccess will have a "Start" or "Begin" button on the front page.

  1. Once you've selected to "Start" or "Begin" the application, you will be directed to KanAccess.
  2. Click on the Sign Up Button to Begin creating your KanAccess Account.
    Click on the Sign Up Button to Begin creating your KanAccess Account

  3. Complete the Sign Up page and enter your preferred credentials.
    Enter your account details

  4. If you have a Subscriber Account, and you wish to access subscriber only applications, you may enter your Subscriber credentials to link your Subscriber Account in KanAccess.
    Enter your Subscriber Info if needed

  5. Upon successful submission of the sign-up form, an email will be sent to the supplied email address.
    Email Sent for Account Creation

  6. Check your email client. Once you receive the email, click on the link enclosed in the email or copy and paste into your browser address bar.
    Email Validation

  7. Sign In to complete the activation of your KanAccess profile.
    Activation Complete

  8. Your KanAccess Sign Up is complete!

  9. Activation Complete

How Do I link my Subscriber Account with KanAccess?

You will need KanAccess credentials and a Subscriber Account to complete the following:

  1. Sign in with your KanAccess credentials.
    Sign in with your KanAccess credentials.

  2. On the next page click "Link your subscriber login to this account"
    Link your subscriber login to this account

  3. On the next page you will need to supply your Subscriber credentials to continue.
    Supply your Subscriber credentials

  4. Upon providing Subscriber credentials successfully you will be presented with the following page.
    Subscriber Account Linked

  5. Sign out and close your browser to successfully complete linking your KanAccess and Subscriber Account.
    Sign Out Successful
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