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A Means of Enhancing Kansas Digital Government

The 2000 Kansas Legislature ensured Kansas would retain its position as a leading state in providing efficient government through technology by signing the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

An essential element of this technological efficiency is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI provides the means for an electronic transaction environment that does not require paper to finalize transactions. Many organizations, both public and private, are interested in replacing paper-based systems with automated electronic systems. It is much cheaper to process an electronic transaction with digital documents and signatures than with their paper counterparts.

Two factors previously inhibited the use of electronic documents and transactions. One was the legal status of electronic documents. The other (related factor) was the concern for the risk of forgery or manipulation of information moving over unsecured networks. The Kansas law and similar federal legislation provide the legitimacy of both electronic documents and signatures. This legitimacy is accomplished by ensuring that information (document or data) in transit between two points is not intercepted or changed and that the information was, in fact, sent by the person or electronic agent identified as the sender.

PKI is an important element in providing the needed security, authentication and non-repudiation information used in electronic transactions. This brochure will cover the basics of PKI. Please see the Glossary on the back page for definitions of PKI related terms.