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"The State of Kansas Digital Certificate Implementation is a shining example of how state agencies can work together with a single focus and achieve great things."

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ITEC Policy

ITEC Policy - What we do....

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Committee, which is a Subcommittee of the Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB), recommends and reviews policies, guidelines, and best practices for the adoption of Digital Signature Technology by Kansas state government.

January 2003 - Division of Purchases announced the award of a contract to VeriSign Inc. for Managed PKI Services to the State of Kansas. The Committee will continue to work as a team to identify potential applications and services to be made available to the state agencies as well as the citizens of Kansas.

July 2002 - The PKI Committee is currently reviewing two responses to the RFP from major service providers interested in working with Kansas at the enterprise level. Formal presentations to the committee by these companies will take place in early August 2002. It is anticipated that the committee will make a recommendation to the formal Procurement Negotiation Committee by September 1st. Concurrently with these activities, the committee continues to solicit interest and commitments from agencies and entities across the enterprise, to gain more specific knowledge of their needs and potential uses of PKI technologies.