Kansas Association of Legal Assistants • Paralegals

KALA Committees 2016


  Annual Seminar  
     Chair Shelly Bird, ACP  
  Community Projects      
   KALA for Kids    
     Chair Katie Olsen  
  Wichita River Festival    
     Chair Annette Meece, CLA  
  Wichita Children’s Home Shannon Russell  
       Chair Linda Siders, ACP  
  CLA/CP Testing Liaison    
      Chair Desiree Huff, CP  
       Chair Treva Hansen, CP  
      Chair Susan Teel  
  Job Registry    
       Chair Treva Hansen, CP  
  KALA Reports      
      Chair Andi Elmore, CP  
  KALA Website      
       Chair Shelly Bird, ACP
  KBA Liaison    
       Chair Cheryl Clark, ACP  
  WBA Liaison    
       Chair Christi Ramsey, ACP  
       Chair Shellina Adams  
  KALA Membership      
       Chair Christi Ramsey, ACP  
  Nomination & Elections    
       Chair Mary Trece Potter  
  Public Relations/Marketing    
      Co-Chair Treva Hansen, CP  
  Scholarship Committee    
      Chair Chris Leetch  
  Setup & Tear Down    
      Chair Jodi Murphy, CP  
       Chair Andi Elmore, CP  

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