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Principles of Leadership

  1. Provide an environment for every person to excel.
  2. Treat every person with dignity and respect – no one is more important than anyone else.
  3. Be forthright, honest, and direct with every person and in every circumstance.
  4. Improve effective use of technology to gain efficiency.
  5. Cherish your time and the time of others – it is not renewable.
  6. Identify the critical problems that need solution for the organization to succeed.
  7. Describe complex issues and problems simply so every person can understand.
  8. Never stop learning – depth and breadth of knowledge are equally important.
  9. Encourage constructive criticism.
  10. Surround yourself with great people and delegate to them full authority and responsibility.
  11. Make ethical standards more important than legal requirements.
  12. Strive for team-based wins, not individual wins.
  13. Emphasize capability – not organized.
  14. Incorporate measures and metrics everywhere.
  15. Identify and concentrate on core functions.

Current Topics

The next Credit Union Council Meeting is scheduled for September 25 at the Department of Credit Unions, 109 SW 9th Street, Suite 610, Topeka, KS 66612

Risk Based Capital PCA Comment Letter

Current Bulletins

Current Newsletter

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Department of Credit Unions
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Suite 610
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: 785-296-3021
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