Kansas Department of Credit Unions Title

KDCU Information

KDCU Staff

All staff members can be contacted through the office at (785) 296 - 3021

Office Staff
John P. Smith Administrator john.smith@kdcu.ks.gov
Michael Baugh, CSCUE Financial Examiner Administrator mike.baugh@kdcu.ks.gov
Jenny Rezac Administrative Officer  
Emily Artzer Financial Examiner ks00@ncua.gov
Field Staff
Valorie White, CSCUE Financial Examiner Principal valorie.white@kdcu.ks.gov
Matt Fowler Financial Examiner matt.fowler@kdcu.ks.gov
Christopher Taylor Financial Examiner Principal chris.taylor@kdcu.ks.gov
Tana Hoffman, CSCUE Financial Examiner Principal tana.hoffman@kdcu.ks.gov
Billy Vardaman, Jr., CSCUE Financial Examiner Principal billy.vardaman@kdcu.ks.gov
Amanda Dawson Financial Examiner Senior amanda.dawson@kdcu.ks.gov
Michelle Andrew Financial Examiner ks09@ncua.gov
Carol Knolla Financial Examiner carol.knolla@kdcu.ks.gov

Current Topics

The next Credit Union Council Meeting is scheduled for September 25 at the Department of Credit Unions, 109 SW 9th Street, Suite 610, Topeka, KS 66612

Risk Based Capital PCA Comment Letter

Current Bulletins

Current Newsletter

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Department of Credit Unions
109 SW 9th Street
Suite 610
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: 785-296-3021
Fax: 785-296-6830
E-mail: kdcuoffice@kdcu.ks.gov