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Salesperson's Requirement

Salespersons must meet a 12-hour continuing education requirement by their first renewal date and at each subsequent two-year renewal. An exception to the 12-hour requirement is provided for new salesperson's whose first license expiration date is five months or less from the issue date of the original license. Salespersons in this category have an "SA" for their license number prefix. All salespersons with an " SP" license number prefix must complete the 12-hour requirement.

Of the 12 hours required for renewal, salespersons must complete at least 3 mandatory hours in the course titled: "Required Salesperson and Broker Core."

A "Required Broker Core" class counts as an elective for salespersons. Salespersons who plan to become brokers prior to their renewal date, should include a "Required Broker Core" class as a part of their 12 hours, as the course is required to renew a Broker's license.

Broker's Requirement

Brokers must meet a 12-hour continuing education requirement by their first renewal date and at each subsequent two-year renewal.

Of the 12 hours required for renewal, brokers must complete at least 6 mandatory hours in two courses titled: "Required Salesperson and Broker Core" and "Required Broker Core."

The "Required Salesperson and Broker Core" course covers brokerage relationships and misrepresentation.

The "Required Broker Core" covers one, or a combination of, the following six topics:

  • Procedure Manuals
  • Trust Accounts
  • Management, including all facets of supervising a real estate company
  • Common violations of the license act and BRRETA
  • Commercial sales and leasing issues
  • Farm and ranch issues

Schools are listed alphabetically and include address and phone number to request enrollment information. Schedule information is subject to change.

Course codes reflect the type of course:
E - Elective
M - Mandatory for both salespersons and brokers
MB - Mandatory for brokers (elective for salespersons)
A - Appraisal (Limited to one appraisal course per renewal period)

Courses must be approved by the Commission and completed within the current renewal period. Courses are available by classroom or distance education method.

Commission Records
Each licensee's record is updated from rosters or distance education certificates supplied to the Commission by the school. The school is required to report the student's attendance to the Commission with seven days of the course completion date, or by the license renewal date, whichever is sooner.

Retain your Certificate of Completion in a safe place! DO NOT MAIL TO THE COMMISSION unless asked to do so. To receive proper credit, please be sure the name and license number you supply to the school matches that shown on your license or pocket card.

Click on the "Check CEU Hours" tab above to verify which courses the Commission has on record for you for the current renewal period and to see the number and type of hours still needed, if any.

NOTICE: Continuing education hours are NOT automatically transferred from the course provider to the Commission's website. Therefore, if you wait until the last two weeks of the renewal period to complete continuing education to renew an active license with an "SP" or "BR" license number prefix, you should NOT opt to renew online, but instead download the paper renewal form and have it postmarked by the renewal due date.


Nonresidents must meet the same continuing education requirements as a Kansas resident.

Nonresidents must take the Kansas Real Estate Commission-approved course for the mandatory hours portion of the continuing education requirement. However, nonresidents may receive credit for the elective hours portion of the continuing education requirement for courses approved by their resident jurisdiction if:

  • the course was taken within the current Kansas license renewal period; and
  • the licensee files a certificate of course completion with the Kansas Real Estate Commission by the Kansas renewal due date. [Fax: (785) 296-1771] To ensure proper credit, please include your Kansas license number on the certificate.

Reactivation of License

All continuing education required for reactivation must be on record with the Commission in order to reactivate your license. To verify continuing education, select the “Check CEU hrs” tab at the top of the page.

  • If you recently renewed without continuing education on file, all required hours must be completed prior to reactivation.
  • If the license has been inactive for two or more years, continuing education totaling 6 hours for each full year the license has been on inactive status must be completed prior to reactivation, in addition to the regular 12 hours required for each renewal period.
  • If the license has been inactive for five or more years, the licensure examination must be passed in addition to the continuing education requirements listed above.

Directory of Approved Courses

To request credit for individual hours of continuing education from a school not approved by KREC, complete the Education Individual Request Form (RE-800).

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