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The Commission Members

Congressional District Map

Shirley Cook was appointed July 26, 2012. She is the at large member from Topeka. Her term expires April 30, 2016.

Bryon Schlosser was appointed August 11, 2014. He is an industry member from Topeka, the 2nd congressional district. His term expires April 30, 2018.

Joseph Vaught is the Vice-Chair and was appointed May 12, 2013. He is an industry member from Kansas City, the 3rd congressional district. His term expires April 30, 2017.

Sue Wenger is the Chair and was appointed May 23, 2013. She is an industry member from Mulvane, the 4th congressional district. Her term expires April 30, 2017.

Errol Wuertz was originally appointed June 23, 2011 and was reappointed to the Commission on April 20, 2015. He is an industry member from Hays, the 1st congressional district. His term expires April 30, 2019.

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The KREC Commission Structure

The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor: one from each of the four congressional districts and one member at large.

The law provides that at least three members shall have been real estate brokers for five years and at least one member shall have never engaged in business as a real estate broker and shall not be so engaged while serving on the Commission.

Each member is appointed for a four-year term. Term expiration dates are staggered, resulting in one appointment each year for three years and two appointments in the fourth year. This ensures some continuity within the Commission.

The Commission appoints a director who is responsible for employing and directing the agency staff and implementing policies set by the Commission.

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Commission Meetings

The Commission generally meets on the third Monday of each month in person or by phone, beginning at 9 a.m., in the Commission office conference room, Three Townsite Plaza, Suite 200, 120 SE Sixth Ave, Topeka. However, if you plan to attend a meeting, please check with the office (785) 296-3411 to be sure the date or location has not been changed.

At a typical meeting, the Commission reviews complaint reports, course submissions, financial reports, and determines policy. Administrative hearings are conducted during regular Commission meetings. Legislative proposals, regulation amendments, and budget submissions are considered at appropriate times throughout the year.

Meetings of the Commission are open to the public.

Meeting Dates

February 15, 2016

December 21, 2015 [Agenda]

November 16, 2015 [Minutes]

October 16, 2015 [Minutes]

September 21, 2015 [Minutes]

August 17, 2015 [Minutes]

July 20, 2015 [Minutes]

May 14, 2015 [Minutes]

April 9, 2015 [Minutes]

March 12, 2015 [Minutes]

February 12, 2015 [Minutes]

January 8, 2015 [Minutes]

December 11, 2014 [Minutes]

November 21, 2014 [Minutes]

November 17, 2014 [Minutes]

November 13, 2014 [Minutes]

October 9, 2014 [Minutes]

August 21, 2014 [Minutes]

July 10, 2014 [Minutes]

June 18, 2014 [Minutes]

May 8, 2014 [Minutes]

April 10, 2014 [Minutes]

March 13, 2014 [Minutes]

February 12, 2014 [Minutes]

January 14, 2014 [Minutes]

December 12, 2013 [Minutes]

November 14, 2013 [Minutes]

October 17, 2013 [Minutes]

October 10, 2013 [Minutes]

September - No Meeting

August 22, 2013 [Minutes]

July 11, 2013 [Minutes]

June 13, 2013 [Minutes]

May 9, 2013 [Minutes]

April 18, 2013 [Minutes]

March 14, 2013 [Minutes]

February 14, 2013 [Minutes]

January 15, 2013 [Minutes]

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