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Guidelines & Helpful Information


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You can use the "License Search" function at the top of the page to find out if disciplinary action has been taken against a licensee in the state of Kansas.

Reporting Requirements

Pursuant to K.A.R. 86-3-15, licensees are required to report certain litigation and disciplinary action to KREC within 10 days.

To report an arrest, charge, indictment, or plea of no contest or guilty to a misdemeanor or felony, complete the Licensee Offense Report Form (REL-700).

To report action taken against a real estate, professional, or occupational license, complete the Licensee Disciplinary Action Report Form (REL-710).

To report any judgment filed by or against a licensee or a company related to the business of buying, selling, exchanging or leasing real estate, complete the Litigation Report Form (REL-720).

Suspended and Revoked Licenses

For a list of currently suspended licensees, click here.

For a list of individuals whose Kansas real estate licenses have been revoked, click here.

Minor Traffic Offenses

K.S.A. 8-2118

The description of offense contained in the following uniform fine schedule is for reference only and is not a legal definition.

Carrying articles on bicycle; one hand on handlebars 8-1591
Certain hazardous vehicles failure to stop at railroad crossing 8-1553
Clinging to other vehicle 8-1589
Coasting 8-1580
Defective brakes 8-1734
Defective headlamps 8-1705
Defective horn, muffler, mirrors or tires 8-1810
Defective mirror 8-1740
Defective motorcycle headlamp 8-1801
Defective motorcycle or motor-driven cycle brakes 8-1807
Defective motorcycle reflector 8-1803
Defective motorcycle stop lamps and turn signals 8-1804
Defective motorcycle tail lamp 8-1802
Defective muffler 8-1739
Defective multiple-beam lighting 8-1805
Defective or improper use of horn or warning device 8-1738
Defective reflector 8-1707
Defective tail lamps 8-1706
Defective wipers; obstructed windshield or windows 8-1741
Disobeying pedestrian traffic control device 8-1532
Disobeying school crossing guard 8-15,103
Disobeying traffic control device 8-1507
Driving into intersection, crosswalk, or crossing without sufficient space on other side 8-1584
Driving on left in no-passing zone 8-1520
Driving on left side of roadway 8-1514
Driving on left side where curve, grade, intersection railroad crossing, or obstructed view 8-1519
Driving on sidewalk 8-1575
Driving over fire hose 8-1582
Driving through safety zone 8-1539
Driving with view or driving mechanism obstructed 8-1576
Driving without lights when needed 8-1703
Driving wrong direction on one-way road 8-1521
Equipment offenses that are not misdemeanors 8-1701
Exceeding gross weight on any axle or tandem, triple or quad axles 8-1908
Exceeding maximum speed limit; or speeding in zone posted by the state department of transportation; or speeding in locally posted zone 8-1558 to 8-1560, 8-1560a or 8-1560b
Failure of pedestrian to yield to emergency vehicle 8-1541
Failure to comply with restrictions in road construction zone 8-1531a
Failure to dim headlights 8-1725
Failure to exercise due care in regard to pedestrian 8-1535
Failure to keep right to pass oncoming vehicle 8-1515
Failure to obtain interstate motor fuel tax authorization 79-34,122
Failure to obtain proper registration, clearance or to have current certification 66-1324
Failure to remove vehicles in accidents 8-15,107
Failure to stop at railroad crossing stop sign 8-1552
Failure to stop or obey road crossing signal 8-1551
Failure to yield at stop or yield sign 8-1528
Failure to yield from private road or driveway 8-1529
Failure to yield right-of-way at uncontrolled intersection 8-1526
Failure to yield to approaching vehicle when turning left 8-1527
Failure to yield to blind pedestrian 8-1542
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle 8-1530
Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk; pedestrian suddenly entering road- way; passing vehicle stopped for pedestrian at crosswalk 8-1533
Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk 8-1540
Failure to yield to pedestrian or vehicle working on roadway 8-1531
Following fire apparatus too closely 8-1581
Following too close 8-1523
Impeding normal traffic by slow speed 8-1561
Improper "U" turn 8-1546
Improper air-conditioning equipment 8-1747
Improper backing 8-1574
Improper bicycle lamps, brakes or reflectors 8-1592
Improper compression release engine braking system 8-1761
Improper crossover on divided highway 8-1524
Improper driving in defiles, canyons, or on grades 8-1579
Improper driving on laned roadway 8-1522
Improper flares or warning devices 8-1744
Improper hand signal 8-1550
Improper lamp color on certain vehicles 8-1711
Improper lamps and equipment on implements of husbandry, road machinery or animal-drawn vehicles 8-1718
Improper lamps on parked vehicle 8-1716
Improper lamps or lights on emergency vehicle 8-1720
Improper lighting equipment on certain vehicles 8-1710
Improper lights on highway construction or maintenance vehicles 8-1731
Improper lights, lamps, reflectors and emblems on farm tractors or slow- moving vehicles 8-1717
Improper method of giving notice of intention to turn 8-1549
Improper motorcycle handle bars or passenger equipment 8-1597
Improper mounting of reflectors and lamps on certain vehicles 8-1712
Improper moving of heavy equipment at railroad crossing 8-1554
Improper multiple-beam lights 8-1724
Improper number of driving lamps 8-1728
Improper operation of motorcycle on laned road way 8-1595
Improper operation of motorcycle; seats; passengers, bundles 8-1594
Improper operation of snowmobile on highway 8-1585
Improper parking 8-1572
Improper passing of church or day-care bus; improper use of signals 8-1556a
Improper passing of school bus; improper use of school bus signals 8-1556
Improper passing on right 8-1517
Improper passing; increasing speed when passed 8-1516
Improper pedestrian crossing 8-1534
Improper pedestrian movement in crosswalk 8-1536
Improper performance ability of brakes 8-1808
Improper riding of bicycle on roadway 8-1590
Improper road-lighting equipment on motor-driven cycles 8-1806
Improper safety belt or shoulder harness 8-1749
Improper school bus lighting equipment and warning devices 8-1730
Improper single-beam headlights 8-1726
Improper speed with alternate lighting 8-1727
Improper stop lamp or turn signal 8-1708
Improper stop or turn signal 8-1721
Improper stopping, standing or parking on roadway 8-1569
Improper tires 8-1742
Improper turn or approach 8-1545
Improper use of roadway by pedestrian 8-1537
Improper use of vehicular hazard warning lamps and devices 8-1745
Improper vehicular hazard warning lamp 8-1722
Improper visibility of reflectors and lamps on certain vehicles 8-1713
Improper wide-based single tires 8-1742b
Insufficient liability insurance for motor carriers 66-1,128 or 66-1314
Littering 8-15,102 $115
Motorcycle clinging to other vehicle 8-1596
Motorcycle helmet and eye protection requirements 8-1598
No authority as private or common carrier 66-1,111
No lamp or flag on projecting load 8-1715
Not riding on bicycle seat; too many persons on bicycle 8-1588
Operating motorcycle with disapproved braking system 8-1809
Parental responsibility of child riding bicycle 8-1586
Parking, standing or stopping in prohibited area 8-1571
Passing on left with insufficient clearance 8-1518
Pedestrian disobeying bridge or railroad signal 8-1544
Putting glass, etc., on highway 8-1583
Refusal to submit to a preliminary breath test- 8-1012
Riding in house trailer 8-1578
Soliciting ride or business on roadway 8-1538
Speeding in certain vehicles or on posted bridge 8-1563
Speeding on motor-driven cycle 8-1562
Unattended vehicle 8-1573
Unauthorized additional lighting equipment 8-1723
Unauthorized lights and devices on church or day- care bus 8-1730a
Unauthorized lights and signals 8-1729
Unauthorized sign, signal, marking or device 8-1512
Unlawful display of license plate 8-15,110 0
Unlawful operation of all-terrain vehicle 8-15,100
Unlawful operation of golf cart 8-15,108
Unlawful operation of low-speed vehicle 8-15,101
Unlawful operation of micro utility truck 8-15,106
Unlawful operation of worksite utility vehicle 8-15,109
Unlawful passing of stopped emergency vehicle 8-1520a
Unlawful riding on vehicle 8-1578a
Unlawful statehouse parking 75-4510a $30
Unlawful text messaging 8-15,111 0
Unlawful use of spot, fog, or auxiliary lamp 8-1719
Unsafe opening of vehicle door 8-1577
Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions 8-1557
Unsafe starting of stopped vehicle 8-1547
Unsafe turning or stopping, failure to give proper signal; using turn signal unlawfully 8-1548
Vehicle emerging from alley, private roadway, building or driveway 8-1555
Violating flashing traffic signals 8-1510
Violating lane-control signal 8-1511
Violating pedestrian control signal 8-1509
Violating traffic control signal 8-1508

Violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations, except for violations specified in sub- section (b)(2) of K.S.A. 66-1,130, and amendments thereto.


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