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KREC now accepts Visa, Mastercard and Amercian Express in addition to Discover. Disregard any instructions in the forms below that reference payment using the Discover Card form (RE-600). Instead, call the Commission with your credit card information (785-296-3411) or send it by fax (785-296-1771). Alternatively, you may pay by check made payable to KREC.

Incomplete or old KREC forms will be returned unprocessed to the sender's address of record.

All forms must be typed.

The Commission does not provide real estate purchase contracts or seller's property disclosure forms.


To download, complete and print the following forms, you will need the free version of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader does not allow you to save completed forms on your computer. Use the Tab key or the cursor to navigate a fillable PDF once it is open. Your web browser may store a temporary copy of fillable PDF forms. If you are using a public or shared computer, click the "Clear Form" or "Clear This Page" button at the top of the form after printing to prevent others from viewing your personal information.

Form Index

Basic Forms

  • REL-100: Licensee Name Change Form
  • REL-110: Nonresident Form
  • REL-120: Licensee Contact Info Change Form
  • REL-130: Duplicate License Form
  • REL-140: Licensee Certification Form
  • REL-150: Effective December 1 2015 Licensee Fingerprint Instructions and Waiver Form

Renewal Forms

  • REL-200: Renewal Application (with Late Addendum)

Licensee Change Forms

  • REL-300: Licensee Transfer Form
  • REL-310: Licensee Deactivation Form
  • REL-320: Licensee Reactivation Form
  • REL-330: Licensee Add Affiliation Form
  • REL-340: Licensee Remove Affiliation Form
  • RE-610: Signature Addendum

Company Change Forms

  • REC-400: Company Name Change Form
  • REC-410: Company Name Certification Form
  • REC-420: Company Address Change Form
  • REC-425: Company Phone Fax Email Change Form
  • REC-430: Open Company or Branch Office Form
  • REC-440: Close Company or Branch Office Form
  • REC-450: Change Supervising or Branch Broker Form

Hint: If a form asks for a company number, you'll find it on the license just after the company name.

Trust Account and Earnest Money Forms

  • REC-500: New Trust Account Form
  • REC-510: Report on Closing Trust Account Form
  • REC-520: Request No Trust Account Form
  • REC-550: Audit Questionnaire
  • REC-560: Earnest Money and Purchase Agreement Receipt [Word] [PDF]

Miscellaneous Forms

Reporting Forms

  • REL-700: Licensee Offense Reporting Form
  • REL-710: Licensee Disciplinary Action Reporting Form
  • REL-720: Licensee Litigation Reporting Form
  • REL-730: Report of Licensee Violation or Termination Form

Education Forms

  • RE-800: Education Individual Request Form
  • RE-810: Education In-Person Course Registration
  • RE-820: Education Distance Course Registration
  • RE-830: Education Co-Sponsor Request Form
  • RE-840: Education Course Update Form
  • RE-850: Education Instructor Approval Form
  • RE-860: Education Instructor Resume Form
  • RE-870: Education Proctor Certification Form
  • Instructions to Request Course Approval [PDF]

Broker Application - Supporting Documents

Commercial Co-Brokerage Agreements

  • Suggested Form for Commercial Co-Brokerage Agreements [Word] [PDF]
  • Irrevocable Consent Form for Service of Process [Word] [PDF]

BRRETA and Other Disclosure Forms

  • Brokerage Relationships Brochure [Word] [PDF]
  • Consent to Direct Negotiation [ Word] [PDF]
  • Consent to Initiate a Contract [ Word] [PDF]
  • Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract [ Word] [PDF]
  • Exclusive Buyer Contract (Residential 1-4 Units) Transaction Broker [Word] [PDF]
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Contract [Word] [PDF]
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract (Residential 1-4 Units) Transaction Broker [Word] [ PDF]
  • Required Statutory Disclosures Addendum [PDF]
  • Transaction Broker Addendum-Agricultural (TBA-AG) [Word] [PDF]
  • Transaction Broker Addendum-Commercial (TBA-COMM) [Word] [PDF]
  • Transaction Broker Addendum-Designated Agent (TBA-DA) [Word] [PDF]
  • Transaction Broker Addendum-Residential (TBA-RES) [Word] [PDF]

To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow this link Download Adobe Acrobat Reader


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