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Kansas Real Estate Brokers'
and Salesperson's License Act





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58-3034. Title of act
58-3035. Definitions
58-3036. Licensure required
58-3037. Exemptions
58-3038. Licensure required for recovery of compensation for services; exceptions
58-3039. Licensure; application; criminal history record check; qualifications; examination; temporary salesperson's license; issuance, cancellation, late fee
58-3040. Nonresident license
58-3041. Restricted or conditioned license
58-3042. License nontransferable; only individuals licensed; primary office; supervising broker
58-3043. Granting or renewal of license; considerations of the commission; conviction of crime; effect of
58-3044. Denial of license; hearing; incomplete applications
58-3045. Expiration of license; renewal; reinstatement and renewal of license
58-3046a. Licensure; educational requirements
58-3046b. Same; act supplemental to license act
58-3047. Issuance of license; cancellation and reinstatement; termination of salesperson or associate broker, effect on license; termination of license effect on pending real estate transactions; duties upon closure of primary office or branch office; effect of
58-3048. Commission powers and duties
58-3049. Deactivated license
58-3050. Refusal to grant or renew; revocation, suspension or restriction of license; censure of licensee; civil fines; procedures
58-3056. Costs of hearing; assessment; itemization
58-3058. Appeal of Commission orders
58-3060. Brokers; principal place of business, requirements
58-3061. Trust accounts
58-3062. Prohibited acts
58-3063. Fees
58-3064. Injunction to enforce law
58-3065. Penalties for violations; reporting of minor violations for prosecution not required
58-3074. Disposition of moneys received by Commission; real estate fee fund
58-3075. Severability clause
58-3076. Referral fees, solicitation of; relocation benefits, threats to reduce or withhold; terminating or amending agency agreements
58-3077. Commercial real estate; sharing commissions with unlicensed persons, when authorized
58-3078. Residential real estate sales contract; required language
58-3078a. Same; information regarding radon.
58-3079. Supervising broker; use of trade name
58-3080. Licenses of certain licensees placed on inactive status, when
58-3081. Suspension or revocation of certain licensees; effect on associated or employed licenses
58-3082. Suspended, deactivated or revoked license; effect on commissions
58-3083. Expiration or deactivation of certain licenses; notifications required, when
58-3084. Expiration, suspension, deactivation or revocation of certain licenses; effect on pending closings
58-3085. Limitations on advertising, when
58-3086. Advertising; prohibitions; requirements of; information disclosed; filing of agreements
74-4201. Kansas Real Estate Commission; membership
74-4202. Kansas real estate commission; organization; powers and duties; compensation and expenses; meetings; office; seal
74-4203. Same; director; employees; administrative expenses
74-4206. Duties of attorney general; independent counsel authorized

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