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Guidelines & Helpful Information

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Staggered Renewal Schedule

License expiration dates are staggered over a two-year period, with a different group of the alphabet expiring every other month. Education and renewal of license are due by the last day of the month immediately preceding the license expiration date.

Renewal Schedule
First Letter
of Last Name
Due Date
Expiration Date
N-O-P 01/31/EVEN 02/28/EVEN
Q-R 03/31/EVEN 04/30/EVEN
S 05/31/EVEN 06/30/EVEN
T-U-V 07/31/EVEN 08/31/EVEN
W-X-Y-Z-A 09/30/EVEN 10/31/EVEN
B 11/30/EVEN 12/31/EVEN
C 01/31/ODD 02/28/ODD
D-E 03/31/ODD 04/30/ODD
F-G 05/31/ODD 06/30/ODD
H 07/31/ODD 08/31/ODD
I-J-K-L 09/30/ODD 10/31/ODD
M 11/30/ODD 12/31/ODD

Online Renewal

Click here to renew online

Online renewal is available 24/7 at least 45 days prior to the renewal due date. Late renewal is available online after the due date and on or before the expiration date. A paper Renewal Application with Late Addendum (REL-200) must be filed with the Commission in order to renew within the 6-month grace period after the license expires.

For detailed information about the online renewal process, click on "Helpful Hints" after linking to the renewal site.

To renew an active license online, the 12 hours of continuing education must be on record with the Commission. Check your continuing education by clicking on the "Check CEU hrs" link at the top of the page.

Online renewal is not available if, within the last six years, you have been charged or convicted of a criminal offense, received a diversion or suspended imposition of sentence, or if you have received disciplinary action against a professional or occupational license (other than your Kansas real estate license).

NOTICE: Continuing education hours are NOT automatically transferred from the course provider to the Commission's website. Therefore, if you wait until the last two weeks of the renewal period to complete continuing education to renew an active license with an "SP" or "BR" license number prefix, you should NOT opt to renew online, but instead download the paper renewal form and have it postmarked by the renewal due date.

Receipt of Renewal

Applications for renewal are considered “received” on the date they are hand-delivered to KREC or postmarked. Licensees might consider using insurance or return receipt requests to ensure timely submission. Don't wait until the last minute to send your renewal!

NOTICE: Postmark Information

NOTICE: At their June 9, 2010 meeting, the Kansas Real Estate Commission determined that applications for license renewal may no longer be considered as timely filed if hand-delivered the first business day after the due date. This includes both the due date for filing an on-time renewal and the last day of the six-month grace period for filing a late renewal.

Renewal Checklist

CheckmarkRenewal Application (REL-200). You must provide supporting documentation as requested, if applicable.

The following are the questions that appear on the renewal application.

In the last six (6) years, except for disciplinary action taken against your license by the Kansas Real Estate Commission, has there been a denial, revocation, suspension, voluntary surrender, or any other disciplinary action taken by the state of Kansas or any other jurisdiction against any professional or occupational license held by you? If yes, indicate the name of the jurisdiction, discipline dates and reasons. Unless you have already supplied copies to the Commission, attach a copy of the order and an explanation of the circumstances that led to the disciplinary action.

In the last six (6) years, have you been convicted of a criminal offense or is there any criminal charge now pending against you (other than minor traffic violations)? This includes misdemeanors. If yes, provide the date, offense or pending charge, court location and case number. A response of "previously submitted" will not be sufficient. Unless you have already supplied copies to the Commission, attach a copy of the charges, any order of conviction, sentencing, any release from probation or parole, and a letter explaining the circumstances that led to the charge or conviction.

In the last six (6) years, have you received a diversion or a suspended imposition of sentence for a criminal offense, (other than minor traffic violations)? This includes misdemeanors. If yes, provide the date, offense, court location and case number. Unless you have already supplied copies to the Commission, attach a copy of the charges, any order of conviction, sentencing, diversion agreement, and any release from probation or diversion.

Checkmark Supporting documents and explanation - if "yes" is answered to any of the above questions. If you have previously provided to the Commission the documentation requested, you do not need to submit additional copies of the information but you must describe the matter in sufficient detail so that staff may confirm the documentation is already on record.

Checkmark Payment - If renewing online, you may pay with by credit card or electronic check. If submitting a renewal application, enclose a check or money order payable to "K.R.E.C." for the renewal fee or complete the Discover Credit Card form (RE-600).
$100.00 - salesperson
$150.00 - broker
Add $10.00 for each additional company affiliation, if applicable.

Checkmark If you have moved outside of Kansas, submit a Nonresident Form (REL-110) with your renewal application.

Checkmark To renew your license on inactive status, complete the Licensee Deactivation Form (REL-310).

Checkmark Continuing Education. All continuing education required for renewal must be on record with KREC in order to process your request. There are no waivers, extensions, or exceptions. To verify continuing education, select the “Check CEU hrs” link at the top of the page. For more information on continuing education, click on this link.

  • Nonresidents requesting elective hours credit should include copies of certificates for courses approved by your resident jurisdiction with the renewal application or fax to the Commission at (785) 296-1771.
  • Kansas registered schools provide a roster or home-study certificate to the Commission to record the hours completed. The school is required to report the credit to the Commission within seven days of the course, or by the license renewal date, whichever is sooner. Contact the Commission at (785) 296-3411 if your records do not agree with the number of hours shown on the website.

Checkmark Late Renewal: Failure to meet the renewal requirements by the renewal date will automatically cancel your license on its expiration date. You may have your license reinstated and renewed by the payment of the required renewal fee and a late fee of $50, if such fees and the Application for Renewal with Late Addendum (REL-200) are received by the Commission not later than six months following the expiration date of your license. If the licensee was a supervising or branch broker and the office has been closed in the Commission records, include the $25 open office fee and the Open Company form (REC-430).

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Active Renewal

Renewal of a license on active status requires 12 hours of continuing education (see Continuing Education and the "Check CEU hrs" tab for further information).

There is one exception: A new salesperson whose original license was issued on or after July 1, 2007 and whose license expires less than six months from the issue date is not required to complete the 12 hours for the first renewal of their license. Licensees in this category will have the prefix "SA" at the beginning of their license number. Salespersons not in this category will have the prefix "SP" at the beginning of their license number.

The two-year renewal fee is $100.00 for a salesperson and $150.00 for a broker. A duplicate license fee of $10.00 is required for each additional company affiliation.

If a supervising or branch broker does not meet the requirements for active renewal by their license expiration date, the company must close. Unless the deficiency is corrected or another broker assumes the role of supervising broker or branch broker, all affiliated licensees must be transferred to another company or placed on inactive status.

It is a good practice for supervising or branch brokers to review the licenses on display each month to be sure none are expired, and to remind those with upcoming renewal dates to be sure they have completed the education requirement for renewal.

If an application for active renewal is received by the Commission and the continuing education requirement has not been met, the Commission will deposit the renewal fee into a suspense fund and notify the licensee of the deficiency.

If the continuing education requirement cannot be met by the renewal due date, the licensee may choose to either renew late once the hours have been completed, or renew on inactive status by the renewal due date. An inactive licensee must make up the 12 hours for renewal before the license can be reinstated to active status.

Licensees who either fail to timely renew or who do not meet all of the requirements for active renewal will be notified that the license has expired and informed of the steps necessary for late renewal. Licensees must cease performing activities that require a license once the current license expires. A Renewal Application with Late Addendum (REL-200) must be filed within six months of the license expiration date.

A final notice is sent to the licensee approximately 45 days prior to the end of the 6-month limit for late renewal of their license.

Inactive Renewal

An inactive license must be renewed so that the license will be available to be reinstated to active status at a future date. The license may be renewed online by clicking the "Renew A License" tab at the top of the page or by submitting the Renewal Application with Late Addendum (REL-200).

The fee to renew on inactive status is the same rate to renew an active license.
$100.00 - salesperson
$150.00 - broker

The license is renewed for a two-year period.

The 12-hour continuing education requirement does not have to be met by the renewal due date for an inactive license. The 12 hours must be completed, however, at the time the license is reinstated to active status.

To place an active license on inactive status, the license must be returned to the Commission with the completed Licensee Deactivation Form (REL-310).

If a supervising or branch broker is requesting inactive status, another broker must be transferred to the supervising or branch broker role to keep the company open and the affiliated licensees in place within the company (see Change Supervising Broker Form).

If the license has been inactive for two or more years, continuing education totaling 6 hours for each full year the license has been on inactive status must be completed prior to reactivation in addition to the regular 12 hours required for each renewal period. The Commission does not notify licensees when the two-year limit is approaching.

If the license has been inactive for five or more years, the licensure examination must be passed in addition to the continuing education requirements listed above, prior to reactivation.

After the appropriate hours (and exam, if required) have been completed, a license may be reinstated to active status by submitting a completed Licensee Reactivation Form (REL-320).

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Who to Contact

(785) 296-3411

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