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  • Campaign Finance

    Find information regarding contributions and candidates.

  • Campsite Reservations

    Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

  • Car Pool Ride Matching Service - Administration, Kansas Department of

    Commuters that live near each other and share a common destination form the simplest and most common "carpool" arrangement. Carpooling is an ideal cost saving arrangement, particularly for those individuals who commute long distances to and from work each day, have limited access to public transit and few transportation options available to them.

  • Careers in Real Estate

    Pre-license courses in a home-study format which include an optional live instruction component at no additional cost.

  • Certificate of Good Standing

    A Kansas Good Standing Certificate (Kansas Certificate of Existence) is issued by the Kansas Secretary of State and is often required for loans, to renew business licenses, or for tax or other business purposes in the state of Kansas or in any other state.

  • Certified Bait Dealer

    How to become a Certified Bait Dealer in the State of Kansas.

  • Check Your Refund Status

    Check your income tax refund status.

  • Child Care

    Safe Kids Kansas reminds parents and caregivers to communicate with each other about safety recommendations, sleep positions, baby proofing, emergency planning, and expectations of care for the child. Our Safe Sleep Tip Sheet has information and recommended safety guidelines for both parents and childcare providers on safe sleep environments - specifically safe sleep position, the danger of unaccustomed tummy sleeping, use of an approved crib or playpen, and guidelines for adequate supervision.

  • Child Passenger Safety

    The BUCKLE UP program is designed to increase the number of Kansas children properly protected by a child safety seat, booster seat or seat belt.

  • Child Support Enforcement Program

    Child Support Enforcement goes after the unpaid amount after paternity has been established.

  • Child Support Services

    Kansas Child Support Services (CSS) helps children receive the financial support necessary for their growth and development. The program assists by establishing parentage and orders for child and medical support, locating noncustodial parents and their property, enforcing child and medical support orders, and modifying support orders as appropriate.

  • CLEreg Association

    Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for the discussion and exchange of information among administrators of mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) programs with respect to the organization, administration and operation of their programs and activities.

  • Committees


  • Common Core Standards

    Preparing America's students for success.

  • Communications

    The KEC Communications Department includes publications, communications, and activities developed to bring about understanding and support of the rural electric program by the general public, members, and employees of Kansas electric cooperatives.

  • Complete List of Services - Counties, Kansas Association of

    Kansas Association of Counties complete list of services.

  • Complete Listing of KAMU Services

    Complete listing of KAMU services

  • Complete Listing of KSDE Programs and Services

    Complete listing of KSDE programs and services

  • Complete Listing of Services - Labor, Kansas Department of

    This site provides links to several sites that provide services to help you find employment and maximize your career opportunities.

  • Contact the Governor's Office

    Contact the Governor's office for Government related questions

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