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  • Dry Cleaners Registration Verification

    Search for Kansas dry cleaners that have a registration in good standing with the KDHE Bureau of Environmental Remediation.

  • E-services - Revenue, Department of

    Welcome to the Kansas Department of Revenue Electronic Services and KS WebTax, a secure, easy and convenient way to manage business tax accounts. Businesses can make electronic payments; file Sales, Use, Withholding or Franchise tax returns; and view online activity. KS WebTax simplifies your accounting process by having everything available in one easy-to-access location.

  • Economic and Employment Services

    Economic and Employment Support provides a variety of services that may help you, including cash, food, medical, energy and child care assistance; Early Head Start and adult protective services. It also helps individuals to find and keep a job along with other employment support services.

  • Education and Training

    KEC provides training opportunities for member-cooperative managers, staff members and trustees throughout the year.

  • Education Annual Report

    The KSBN Online Annual Report Filing System.

  • Education Savings - Treasurer, Kansas State

    Kansas offers three 529 plans: Learning Quest and Learning Quest Advisor which are managed by American Century Investments and the Schwab 529 Plan which is managed by American Century Investments and distributed by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Each offers education savings accounts to help you pay higher education expenses for individuals that you designate or for yourself. The program also provides tax advantages under both Kansas and federal law. Kansas taxpayers may take an annual deduction of up to $3,000 ($6,000 for married, filing jointly) from Kansas adjusted gross income for contributions into each beneficiary's Learning Quest, Learning Quest Advisor, or Schwab 529 account or contributions to a 529 plan sponsored by any other state.

  • Educator Licensure Renewal

    Providing the ability to look up Educator Licensure Information.

  • Electronic Deer Checkin

    The electronic deer check-in system may be used to electronically register your deer under the regulation KAR 115-4-2. This system allows you to upload TWO images of your just killed deer so that you can go ahead and dress the deer for travel across state lines

  • Electronic Health Records information

    To facilitate the deployment of health information technology and exchange, Congress has authorized incentive payments for Medicare and Medicaid providers for the "meaningful use" of certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology. KDHE's Division of Health Care Finance, as the single state Medicaid agency in Kansas, is responsible for implementing this incentive program in Kansas. KDHE began accepting Medicaid EHR incentive applications in January 2012.

  • Electronic Turkey Check-in

    The electronic turkey check-in system may be used to electronically register your turkey under the regulation KAR 115-4-2. This system allows you to upload TWO images of your just killed turkey so that you can go ahead and dress the turkey for travel across state lines.

  • Employee Self Service Center - Administration, Kansas Department of

    State of Kansas Employee related topics at your fingertips, online.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Find employment opportunities near you.

  • Ethics Opinion Search

    The Commission issues advisory opinions upon its own initiative and upon the request of any person to whom the relevant law applies. Individuals requesting an opinion must write to the Commission listing all relevant facts and circumstances surrounding his or her request. These opinions are printed in the Kansas Register and are available at this Internet web site.

  • Expandacheck

    Since 1971, Expandachek item processing has been the signature offering to credit unions. Kansas was the first state in the nation to offer item processing services to credit unions. We currently serve credit unions in both Kansas and Nebraska.

  • File a weekly claim

    File your weekly unemployment compensation claim.

  • Financial Education - Treasurer, Kansas State

    Helping Kansas citizens to make responsible financial decisions will promote financial growth and healthier families well into the future. Financial knowledge is the key to empowering an individual or family to become more financially secure and independent.

  • Financial Services - Treasurer, Kansas State

    The Cash Management Services Division is charged with receipt and deposit responsibilities, as well as those relating to payment of warrants.

  • Find a Doctor - Chiropractic Association, Kansas

    You can search for a Doctor using their last name and/or their address information.

  • Find a Home Care Agency

    Find an Home Care Agency in the KHCA Membership Directory

  • Find a Lawyer

    Online service enabling people to find a lawyer.

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