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The Kansas Service Center is your central source for information on services available throughout the state of Kansas. Providing information for both online and offline services, the Kansas Service Center brings valuable information to your fingertips. From Amber Alert to Lottery Numbers to WebFile, you'll find it here!

The Kansas Service Center is designed for ease of use. Search, filter, or sort to get the information you need.

INSTANT ACCESS: Most of the listed services are considered "Instant Access." Instant Access services can be either free-to-use or chargeable services. Generally, Instant Access services do not require an account. However, certain services will require additional validation, such as a license number or a PIN number to interact with the service.

KANACCESS: Kansas.gov is proud to offer KanAccess, the Single Sign-on Solution. KanAccess offers a quick, convenient, and secure way to access a variety of online services using a single username and password. Creating your KanAccess account is free and easy! Sign up today and check back often to see which additional services can be managed with your KanAccess account!

SUBSCRIBER: For many of our fee-based services, Kansas.gov offers citizens and businesses a simple "subscription plan." Kansas.gov Subscribers enjoy convenient monthly billing for fee-based services and account activity reports for up to 10 users. Multiple payment options are available, including direct withdrawal. For more information on becoming a Kansas.gov Subscriber, please visit our Subscriber Center.

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Service Name Agency Instant Access KanAccess Subscriber
 Fireworks Information

Downloadable forms from the Office of the State Fire Marshal regarding firworks

Fire Marshal, Kansas State    
 Firm Search

Accounting Firm search.

 Forms and regulations regarding fire safety

the OSFM adopts reasonable rules and regulations for the safeguarding of life and property from fire, explosion and hazardous materials.

Fire Marshal, Kansas State    
 Freight and Rail - Transportation , Department of

The freight and rail unit works on developing and coordinating state policy on multimodal freight and rail transportation issues, analyzes motor carrier and rail freight transportation in the state and administers the State Rail Service Improvement Fund (SRSIF) that provides loans and grants to railroads, shippers and local units of government for track rehabilitation and construction. Additionally, the freight and rail unit prepares and updates the State Rail Plan and Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan.

Transportation, Kansas Department of    
 Government Relations

KEC looks forward to the challenge of meeting and growing relationships with these new citizen legislators. It is an opportunity for us to share the cooperative business model and help educate and provide constituent services to the legislators.

Electric Cooperatives, Kansas    
 Governor's Budget Report

Governor's Budget Amendments (GBA) are formal documents that are submitted to the Legislature. These documents illustrate adjustments that would have been made to The Governor's Budget Report had information been available at the time of original submission.


The Hazardous Materials Division was developed in 1999 to enhance the safety of Kansans by making trained, equipped hazardous materials teams available throughout the state.

Fire Marshal, Kansas State    
 Healing Arts Licensee and Registrant Profile Search

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts licensee and registrant profile information is intended as a resource for patients, families, and other interested parties seeking information about the education, training and professional backgrounds of licensed professionals.

Healing Arts, Kansas Board of    
 HealthQuest Wellness

To partner with employees to improve their health and well-being and to better manage health care costs

 HOC Criminal History Record Check

Any adult care home, home health agency, or staffing agency referenced under KSA 39-970 or KSA 65-5117 is authorized to use this online process.

Aging and Disability Services, Kansas Department of  
 HOC Criminal History Record Check - archived

Any adult care home, home health agency, or staffing agency referenced under KSA 39-970 or KSA 65-5117 is authorized to use this online process.

Aging and Disability Services, Kansas Department of    
 HOC License Renewal

This site was created to provide Dietitians, Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists and Adult Care Home Administrators the opportunity to renew their licenses online.

Aging and Disability Services, Kansas Department of    
 Holiday Millionaire Raffle Numbers

Check your Kansas Lottery Holiday Millionaire Raffle Numbers.

Kansas Lottery    
 Hot Lotto Numbers

Check your Kansas Lottery Hot Lotto Numbers.

Kansas Lottery    
 Hunter Education Duplicate Cards

If you're under the age of 27, you must carry an approved Hunter Education card while hunting in Kansas. You may purchase a duplicate card if you cannot find the original Hunter Education certificate issued to you.

 Hunter Referral

The Hunter Referral Program is intended to help landowners manage deer numbers on their property by increasing deer harvest. Deer populations are above desired levels in some parts of Kansas, and some landowners are seeking ways to reduce deer numbers. The referral program puts landowners in contact with hunters who are looking for a place to hunt.

 IFTA Additional Decals

This online service will allow you to purchase IFTA Additional Decals that will be mailed to you. If you need to take a vehicle out of Kansas within the next 10 days, you will have the option to self-issue a Temporary Decal Permit at the end of this transaction. To issue a Temporary Decal Permit, you will need the following information: Unit Number, Year, Make & Vehicle Identification Number.

Revenue, Kansas Department of    
 IFTA Quarterly Filing

The purpose of this application is to give motor carriers the ability to submit IFTA tax returns online, anytime. No longer do you have to spend time filling out the Form 85 and 85a and calculating the taxes, interests, penalties and such. Let us do it for you...quick and easy.

Revenue, Kansas Department of    
 Individual Search

A listing of all certificate holders and permit holders who provide services to the public as a CPA.

 Initial Start-up Businesses Assessment

Find out if you're ready to start a business.

Kansas Small Business Development Center    
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