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Electronic Annual Report Filing System

Helpful Hints

Please review the following frequently asked questions and answers to see if the answer to your question is listed.

If you do not find the answer to your question please contact the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State at (785) 296-4564 or e-mail kssos@ks.gov.

Q: What is the business entity ID number?

A: Your business entity ID number is an identification number assigned to each business entity registered with the Secretary of State's office. If you don't know your business entity id number, please perform a business entity search. (This ID number is not the same as the FEIN.)

Q: If my business entity is forfeited, what do I need to do?

A: If you wish to obtain a good standing status, you may reinstate this business entity. Please contact the Secretary of State's office at (785) 296-4564.

Q: How do I find my annual report due date?

A: You may perform a business entity search to find the annual report due date. You may also contact the Secretary of State's office at (785) 296-4564.

Q: Can I change my tax year end online?

A: No, at this time you are unable to change your tax year end online. You must mail in the interim annual report to be filed by paper.

Q: Why is the online system not letting me type in my officer address from a different country? (EX: France)

A: Our online system can only take addresses from the US or Canada. We are sorry for the inconvenience. However, you can file the annual report by mailing in the paper document to our office.

Q: My certified public accountant professional corporation has a non-qualified person as a shareholder. When I answer "No" I am taken back to the beginning of the application. Can I file my annual report online?

A: No. You must file your annual report by paper. Certified public accountant professional associations are allowed to have a non-qualified person as shareholder (K.S.A. 1-308). All other types of professional associations must have only qualified persons as shareholders.