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Questions & Answers


Where can I get tax forms?

Kansas tax forms are available in a variety of outlying locations as well as on the internet. Many of the more common individual income, corporate income, homestead, and fiduciary tax forms are available through banks, libraries, city/county clerk offices, drivers license stations, Kansas Department of Revenue offices, and some grocery stores. Business tax forms are available at Kansas Department of Revenue offices. Any Kansas tax form can be obtained by calling the Department of Revenue voice mail system at (785) 296-4937. You will be asked to give your name, address, phone number, and form(s) you desire. You should allow about two weeks for delivery of your form(s).

What is the Streamlined Sales Tax Project?

The Streamlined Sales Tax Project is an effort created by state governments, with input from local governments and the private sector, to simplify and modernize sales and use tax collection and administration. The Project’s proposals include tax law simplifications, more efficient administrative procedures and emerging technologies to substantially reduce the burden of tax collection. The Project’s proposals are focused on improving sales and use tax administration systems for both Main Street and remote sellers for all types of commerce. Please visit www.streamlinedsalestax.org to learn more about the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.

What is the Streamlined Sales Tax Identification Number?

The Streamlined Sales Tax Identification Number (SSTPID) is a unique identifier that is assigned to each taxpayer who successfully registers with the Streamlined Sales Tax Project. The SSTPID is nine characters in length with the first character being the letter “S”.

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