Kansas District Court Records Search

Case Type Case Subtype Description
AD   Adoption
CR CC County Resolutions
CR FE Felony
CR MC Municipal Appeal
CR MD Misdemeanor
CT AA Alcohol, Mental and Drug
CT AG Alcohol and Drug
CT AL Alcohol
CT AM Alcohol and Mental
CT DG Drug
CT MN Mental
CT TG Mental and Drug
CT   Care and Treatment
CV AN Administrative Agency
CV AO Other Civil Appeals
CV CB Buyer Plaintiff
CV CD Employment Dispute - Discrimination
CV CE Employment Dispute - Other
CV CF Fraud
CV CG Landlord/Tenant - Other
CV CH Landlord/Tenant - Unlawful Detainer
CV CM Mortgage Foreclosure
CV CN Contract
CV CO Other Contract
CV CP Seller Plaintiff (debt collection)
CV HC Habeas Corpus
CV IA 60-1507
CV OR Other Writs
CV OT Other Civil (non domestic)
CV PP Personal Property
CV RD Eminent Domain
CV RE Real Estate
CV RP Other Real Property
CV TA Tax Appeal
CV TB Asbestos Product Liability
CV TC Automobile Tort
CV TI Intentional Tort
CV TK Legal Malpractice
CV TM Medical Malpractice
CV TN Other Professional Malpractice
CV TO Other Tort
CV TP Premises Liability
CV TT Tort
CV TU Slander/Libel/Defamation
CV TV Tobacco Product Liability
CV TX Toxic/Other Product Liability
DM DS Marriage Dissolution/Divorce
DM DV Divorce, Annulment, Separate Maintenance
DM OD Other Domestic Relations
DM PA Paternity
DM PF Protection from Abuse
DM PS Protection from Stalking
DM RI Reciprocal In
DM RO Reciprocal Out
DM SU Non-Divorce -- Visitation, Custody, Support
FG FF Felony
FG IF Infraction
FG MF Misdemeanor
GC GS Guardian/Conservatorship
JC JB Abuse
JC JG Neglect
JC JH Dependent (no fault)
JC JN Termination of Parental Rights
JC JP Other Dependency/Child Victim
JC JS Status Offense/Petition
JC   Juvenile Child in Need of Care
JV FE Felony
JV IN Infraction
JV MD Misdemeanor
LM CA Buyer Plaintiff
LM CJ Employment Dispute - Discrimination
LM CK Employment Dispute - Other
LM CL Contract
LM CQ Fraud
LM CS Seller Plaintiff (debt collection)
LM CU Other Contract
LM LA Asbestos Product Liability
LM LB Automobile Tort
LM LE Intentional Tort
LM LG Legal Malpractice
LM LN Medical Malpractice
LM LO Other Professional Malpractice
LM LT Other Tort
LM LU Premises Liability
LM LV Slander/Libel/Defamation
LM LW Tobacco Product Liability
LM LX Toxic/Other Product Liability
LM OL Other Civil (non domestic)
LM PL Personal Property
LM PO Other Real Property
LM RA Eminent Domain
LM RL Real Estate
LM RM Mortgage Foreclosure
LM RR Landlord/Tenant - Other
LM RU Landlord/Tenant - Unlawful Detainer
LM TL Tort
MA   Marriage License
MR CI Coroner Inquest
MR FU Fugitive/Extradition
MR GJ Grand Jury
MR IQ Inquistitions
MR OM Misc Other
MR SW Search Warrant
MV CR Coroner Report
MV FJ Foreign Judgment
MV MM Medical Malpractice Screening Panel
MV MO Misc Other
MV OS Foreign Judgment - Out of State
MV OU Foreign Judgment - Out of County
PR DD Determination of Descent
PR DE Decedent Estate
PR GA Guardianship - Adult
PR GC Guardian/Conservatorship
PR GM Guardian/Conservatorship – Minor
PR GS Guardian/Conservatorship - Adult
PR GU Guardianship - Minor
PR MS Miscellaneous
PR OP Other Probate/Estate
PR SP Sexually Violent Predator
PR TE Conservatorship/Trusteeship
PR TS Trust
RC RN Reciprocal In
RC RT Reciprocal Out
SB   Statutory Bond
SC   Small Claims
SL HL Hospital Lien
SL LP Lis Pendens
SL ML Mechanic's Lien
SL OG Oil and Gas Mechanic's Lien
SL SR Subcontractor's Lien
ST   State Tax
TR FT Traffic Felony
TR IT Traffic Infraction
TR JT Juvenile Tobacco
TR MT Traffic Misdemeanor
VA VF Felony
VA VM Misdemenaor
VC   Transfer In Child In Need of Care
VV   Transfer In Juvenile Offender