Kansas International Fuel Tax Agreement Permit System
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IFTA Renewals

Identification Information

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Enter your Kansas I.D. and IFTA License Number below, then click the "Continue" button.

Change for 2009: Updated Power of Attorney is required to renew IFTA License.

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NOTE: Before you can file your IFTA renewal online, all returns must be filed up to date through the third quarter. Any renewals received after December 31st will require 4th quarter IFTA return to be filed.

Complete a power of attorney (POA) for signatures other than a corporate officer, owner or partner that is listed on the on-line renewal application. POA should be updated yearly to allow the state to maintain a current contact list of those allowed to represent and receive information on a company.

Mail or fax the power of attorney (PDF) form into the Kansas Department of Revenue Motor Fuel Tax Section 915 SW Harrison ST Topeka KS 66625-8000. Fax (785) 296-2703