Case Inquiry / Prelog

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In an effort to increase efficiency and productivity the KBI Forensic Laboratories are moving forward with Porter Lee's Laboratory Case Inquiry and Evidence Prelog web-based system.

Case Inquiry (Download Laboratory Reports / Check Case Status)

Case Inquiry provides law enforcement agencies access to specific information about the status of evidence submitted to the KBI Forensic Science Laboratories for analysis. These agencies can download copies of their Submission Receipts shortly after their evidence is submitted. Once exams are complete and released by the laboratory, reports are available for download through the Case Inquiry. Both Submission Receipts and Laboratory Reports are available in PDF format for ease of printing or incorporation into the customer's information management system.

Evidence Prelog (Evidence Submissions)

Prelog is our web-based system available to help expedite the evidence submission process. Evidence Prelog is solely for the law enforcement customers of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Forensic Science Laboratories. The system enables law enforcement agencies to "prelog" evidence submission information prior to delivery to a KBI Forensic Science Laboratory. Once completed, the agency delivers the evidence and printed packing slip to an Evidence Control Center for processing.

The following links are made available to assist our customers with gaining access to KCJIS (new users) and to the Laboratory Case Inquiry / Evidence Prelog System. Links to our Prelog User's Guide and training videos are also below.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Case Inquiry or Prelog access, please contact the LIMS Administrator via phone at 785-296-1130 or by email at