A pesticide dealer is any person or business who sells one or more pesticide products to someone for application (i.e., retails to end users). A licensed pesticide business selling pesticides only as an integral part of its pesticide application service does not need to register as a pesticide dealer. For the Kansas law associated with this area of our program, go to the Pesticide Dealer page.

Pesticide dealer registrations expire June 30 each year and renewal packets are mailed to registrants in May. In addition to the paper registration renewal forms, each registrant's packet contains the registrant's Dealer Registration Number and Authorization Number which are necessary if the registrant chooses to renew on this web site.

The registration fee is two-tiered based on pesticide product sales during the previous year:

  • $25 for a new application and for annual sales less than $2,500
  • $100 for annual sales of $2,500 or more

This online service is provided by, a third-party working in partnership with the state of Kansas. The online price of items purchased through, the state's official Web portal, includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state's portal.

Registration Types E-Check Purchase Price Credit Card Purchase Price
New Applications and Annuals Sales less than $2,500 $28.00 $28.50
Annual Sales of $2,500 or more $103.00 $106.00

Annual Report

Each pesticide dealer shall submit an annual report of RUP product sales at the time of dealer registration renewal. The following must be reported for each RUP product sold:

  • The registered name of the RUP product;
  • The EPA registration number of the RUP product;
  • The Kansas special local need number of the RUP product, if any;
  • The quantity of the RUP product sold

Note: If no RUP products were sold, indicate that no RUP pesticides were sold.