Kansas Highway Patrol - Online Crash Logs

Date: 07/10/2019

Time: 23:20

County: Meade

Location Description: U23 34.7 SB

Investigated by: K259

Type: Fatality

Hit and Run: Yes

Police Pursuit: No

Crash Narrative: Vehicle traveling south bound on K23 and blew a tire and lost control. Vehicle then entered ditch, started to roll and then entered a culvert ending on its top.

Year: 1996

Make: Ford

Type: Explorer

License: 369LZG

State of Origin: Kansas

Damage: All over body damage


Insurance Company: Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company

Removed by: Bailey's Body Shop

Removed to: Tow Lot


Name: McGonigle, Calvin Dean

City: Ashland

State: Kansas

Hospital/Mortuary: Western Plains Medicle Complex

Taken to: Hospital

Age: 56

Sex: Male

Code: Fatal Injury

Safety Restraint: No

Next of Kin Notified: Yes

By Who: Clark County Deputy

Date: 07/11/2019

Time: 01:25