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Renewal Information

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2020 Renewal

Renewal applications will be mailed out to all appraisers the first March, 2020.

2020 28 hour generic renewal application (Do not Use)

2020 14 hour generic renewal application (Do not Use)

2020 0 hour generic renewal application

  • Continuing Education: Although each appraiser renews annually, continuing education runs on a two-year cycle. Renewals during even years ( 2020, 2022, etc.) do not require that you log continuing education. You will simply complete the renewal application and submit it with the renewal fee. Renewals during odd years (2019, 2021, etc.) require that most appraisers log 28 hours of continuing education.

    Education cycles are determined by several factors. Generally, the cycle will run from July 1 of each odd year through May 31 of the following odd year. However, if the license was renewed after June 30 of the previous odd year, your education cycle would run from the date that renewal was processed through May 31 of the following odd year [example: If you renewed late on July 15, 2017, then your 2019 education cycle would run from July 15, 2017 through May 31, 2019]. If your Kansas license was originally issued during the current education cycle, the issue date would be the beginning of the cycle. Courses completed prior to Kansas licensure cannot be used to meet any continuing education requirement.

    During every two-year education cycle, each appraiser is required to complete the 7-hour USPAP Update course as a part of the hours required. The 15-hour tested USPAP course cannot be substituted for the Update course.

    Appraiser's who license in Kansas on or after December 28, 2018 will not be required to meet any continuing education for the 2019 renewal. Appraiser's licensed in Kansas prior to December 28, 2018, but on or after July 1, 2018 will be required to meet only 14 hours of continuing education. Of those 14 hours, 7 must be in USPAP update and all 14 hours must have been completed after their original Kansas license issue date.