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Helpful Hints

How do I access my record in order to renew online?

You'll need the last four digits of your Social Security number and your Kansas real estate license number. License numbers are printed on the license and pocket card. Alternatively, you may find the license number using the License Verification link on this site.

If you receive an error message, try again and be sure you have entered your entire license number (10 characters) including the two-letter prefix and the zeroes preceding the number. If you are still unsuccessful in accessing your record, it may be that your Social Security number does not match our records. Please contact the Commission at (785) 296-3411 or krec@ks.gov for assistance.

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How do I pay my renewal fees online?

You may pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or electronic check.

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Why does it cost less to renew by paper?

This online service is provided by Kansas.gov, a third-party working in partnership with the state of Kansas. The online price of items purchased through Kansas.gov, the state's official Web portal, includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state's portal.

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Will I get a receipt or confirmation?

Yes. At the end of the online renewal process, you may print a confirmation page that will confirm your online renewal was completed and your electronic payment was received. This report will include your name, license number, residence address, date and time of renewal and amount paid.

Additionally, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you, and you have the option of sending your affiliated companies an e-mail confirmation.

Unless your license was renewed on inactive status, the license and pocket card will be mailed to the company address.

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Why did I receive a message that says I am not able to renew online?

There could be several reasons. You may have a license status other than active or inactive, or there may be an unresolved issue regarding your license or that of your supervising broker. Furthermore, online renewal is not available if, since the issuance of your license or your last renewal, whichever is more recent, you had disciplinary action taken against a professional or occupational license or if you were convicted of a criminal offense, received a diversion or suspended imposition of sentence, or have a pending criminal charge. In these instances, you must submit the paper renewal form. Contact KREC at (785) 296-3411 or krec@ks.gov for more information.

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How soon may I renew my license?

The online renewal feature is designed to accept renewals up to 45 days prior to the license renewal date (or 75 days prior to the license expiration date). This is in sync with the staggered license expiration date schedule that is based on the first letter of the last name as provided in K.A.R. 86-1-3.

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May I renew online if it is past my renewal date but prior to my license expiration date?

Yes. You may renew online during this time frame with the standard renewal fee and the $50 late fee.

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What if my license has already expired?

The online renewal feature is not designed to accept renewals past the license expiration date. You must download and submit the Renewal Application with Late Addendum Form (REL-200). You must file the Application and Late Addendum no later than 6 months after the expiration date of your license. If you fail to do so, you will have to meet the requirements for original licensure.

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May I renew my active license online now and take my continuing education later?

No. The required 12 hours of continuing education must be on record with the Commission before an active license may be renewed. For additional information regarding your CEU status, please go to Check CEU Hours.

There is one exception. Salespersons with a license number beginning with the letters "SA" are not required to complete continuing education hours for their first license renewal. Licensees in this category, because of the first letter of their last name, have a license expiration date that is five months or less from the original license issue date. Once the first renewal has been processed, the license number prefix will change to "SP".

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May I change my address online?

You may update your personal contact information, i.e., residence address, residence phone number, e-mail, etc. however, you may not update information regarding the company records, i.e., company address, company phone, etc. A street address must be provided in addition to a P. O. Box.

If you are a supervising broker or branch broker and your residence address and company address are at the same location, please note that any online changes to the residence address and phone information will not update your company records. You must download and submit the Company Name or Contact Info Change Form (REC-400). Your license and the licenses of all affiliated licensees must be returned to the Commission with the form. Any company address change must be filed with the Commission within 10 days according to Kansas law.

You may complete the renewal process online and follow up with a company address change.

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May I change to active or inactive status online?

No. These types of changes cannot be made online. You must file the Licensee Status Change Form (REL-310) with the Commission. The form must be accompanied by your license if requesting inactive status or the $15 fee if requesting reactivation.

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May I change my name online?

No. The change may require an additional prorated fee or a refund depending on whether your license expiration date under the new name is sooner or later than the expiration date of your current license. Download and submit the Licensee Name or Contact Change Form (REL-100) to KREC.

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May I add or drop a company affiliation or transfer to a different company online?

No. Download and submit the Add or Remove Additional Affiliation Form (REL-330) or the Licensee Transfer Form (REL-300) to KREC.

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