Frequently Asked Questions

I've typed in the licensee's name and city, but I don’t see the particular licensee I'm looking for.

It could be that the licensee lives in one city but is affiliated with a company in another city. The city field is tied to the company address. Try again using only the licensee's name and omit the city field.

It's also possible that the licensee's last name has changed or that the license has expired. Contact the Commission at (785) 296-3411 for further assistance.

I'm certain this person was licensed in the past. Why can’t I find their record?

The system only displays those licensees whose license is on active or inactive status. Records for licensees who are deceased or whose license has expired are not displayed.

How do I get a listing of all the licensees for a certain city?

You may submit a written request for records to the Commission. A request form is available under the Forms tab on this site. You will need to indicate for what purpose you intend to use the data. A determination will be made whether your request complies with the Kansas Open Records Act. Solicitation is not a permitted use of the data. You will be charged for the cost of generating the data and the staff time required.

I know the license number, but nothing will display.

Be sure to enter the entire number including the two-letter prefix, the zeroes and the number. Occasionally, the two letters change.Refer to the current license or pocket card for the exact number.

The licensee information reflects “Y” for license restriction or disciplinary action. What does that mean?

A “Y” under license restriction means the licensee's license is currently restricted in some way. It may mean the licensee is restricted to a certain type of real estate activity or to a certain real estate company.

A “Y” under disciplinary action means the licensee either has been or is currently disciplined for violation of the Kansas real estate license law or brokerage law. Disciplinary actions include suspension, revocation, or conditioning the license in some manner. A suspension or condition may be for a short or extended period of time.

Contact the Commission at or complete an Open Records Request available under the Forms tab on this site.