Food Service Establishment License Renewal

Online renewal is now: Not Available

Online renewal for the Kansas Department of Agriculture Restaurant License Renewal application will be unavailable through the remainder of the 2012 renewal cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to renew your license, please contact KDA at 785-296-7430.


For Food Service Establishment License Renewal, a food service establishment is any place in which food is served or prepared for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere. Such terms shall include, but not be limited to, fixed or mobile restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short-order cafe, luncheonette, grill, tea room, sandwich shop, tavern, private club, industrial-feeding establishment, catering kitchen, commissary and other private, public or nonprofit organization or institution routinely serving food and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public with or without charge.

Renewal Fees and Late Fees

Business Type Purchase Price

November 1 - March 31

  • Caterer,
  • Fair,
  • Mobile Food Vendor Non PHF,
  • Mobile Units,
  • Restaurants,
  • Seasonal,
  • School Food Service,
  • Senior Meal Site, Temporary
  • Satellite School Food Service,
  • Satellite Senior Meal Site,

The Purchase Price is $207 for most business types. After March 31, renewals will not be accepted - a new application for a license must be submitted to the Kansas Department of Agriculture along with a $200 application fee and a $200 license fee.

The Purchase Price for food service establishments that serve the elderly at senior satellite sites with no on-site food preparation and those that serve children at school satellite sites with no on-site food preparation is $137.

When You May Renew

Food service establishment licenses expire December 31 each year. On-line renewals will be available from November 1 thru March 31. If you wish to renew or need a new license after March 31, contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture at 785-296-7430.

Multiple Renewal Locations

If you have renewals for multiple locations or multiple licenses at the same location each renewal will need to be processed separately.

What You Need to Renew Online

  • Registration Number
  • Password
  • Payment (either electronic check or credit card)

Acceptable Payment Methods

The accepted payment methods are Electronic Check or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover). This online service is provided by, a third-party working in partnership with the state of Kansas. The online price of items purchased through, the state's official Web portal, includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state's portal