Welcome to the Scrap Metal Reporting System

In 2019, legislation was passed amending the Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act.

Per the new requirements of this act, a Scrap Metal Reporting System was created to provide a mechanism for tracking scrap metal purchases in order to investigate and reduce scrap metal theft in Kansas.

The Scrap Metal Reporting System was launched and provides the Kansas Bureau of Investigation with functionality to collect and maintain scrap metal transaction data submitted by scrap metal dealers. It also provides a means for local law enforcement agencies to identify persons responsible for theft of scrap metal. Local prosecutors will have the data necessary to prosecute individuals responsible for theft of scrap metal.

This system is only available to registered scrap metal dealers and Kansas law enforcement agencies for the purpose of tracking scrap metal transactional information that can be compiled, searched, and organized within a report for easier review. All users must create a KanAccess account that must be associated with the Scrap Metal Reporting System, this process may take up to two (2) business days.

To register as a scrap metal dealer, please visit the Attorney’s General’s Office site for information and instructions.

For any questions regarding the system, please contact the KBI at: Scrap.Metal@kbi.ks.gov.