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Helpful Hints

Please review the following frequently asked questions and answers to see if the answer to your question is listed.

If you do not find the answer to your question please contact the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State at (785) 296-4564 or email kssos@sos.ks.gov

Q: I received an error message and am unable to file online, what do I do?

A: If you received an error message that the entity is not currently able to file online please review the status of your business to ensure that it has one of two statuses; active and in good standing or delinquent. If the entity is forfeited you may not file an amendment until you have resolved this issue by reinstating with previous annual reports and all fees.

Q: Do I need to first reserve the new business name before I file an amendment to change the old name?

A: No, it is not necessary for you to file a name reservation. However, if you are not ready to file the amendment and are concerned that the name may not be available, then you may file a name reservation to reserve it for 120 days. At any time during the 120 day period you may file the name change amendment.

Q: I have filed a name reservation for the new name of my business entity, how do I file the amendment to change the name online?

A: Simply log into the system with your existing business entity I.D. number, confirm that the correct entity is displayed and that you have legal authority to change the entity name. You will then receive a screen regarding ‘name availability’ with two options; enter a non-reserved name to check for name availability, or provide the name reservation I.D. number found on the acknowledgement letter or filing along with your typed signature acknowledging your legal authority. If the name reservation was filed, is active and you have legal authority then the filing application will proceed with the reserved business name.

Q: If I file on a holiday or weekend when will it be accepted?

A: Immediately, the online filing system in Kansas is real-time and provides immediate filings. You may file your document any day of the week, at any time, including holidays and weekends. The filing will be accepted immediately and you will be provided the certified document and cover letter after submitting payment. The filed document will then be available on the online business entity search The following link will open a new browser window within two hours from the time of the transaction.

Q: Why does the filing application keep sending me to the beginning to start over?

A: This typically occurs for one of two reasons; 1) you stepped away from your computer for too long and you have been timed out of the system, or 2) your computer’s cache file is storing actions and ‘remembers’ a previous action on a filing page in which you were sent back to the beginning of the application. In this instance clear your cache file and try again. If you continue to experience difficulty with this situation, it is most likely not an error within the filing application, but within the settings on your computer. Contact your computer technician to help adjust any computer settings. You may also file by paper or attempt to file on a different computer.

Q: What types of business entities can file the name change amendment online?

A: Only the following business entities can file a name change amendment online: Domestic For Profit Corporation, Domestic Not for Profit Corporation, Domestic Limited Liability Company, Domestic Limited Partnership, and a Domestic Limited Liability Partnership.