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Helpful Hints

Can I submit my renewal prior to finishing my continuing education?

No. All CE must be completed prior to renewal. If you have just completed an “on-line” course, we recommend that you contact the provider if you do not have a certificate of completion yet, as using the wrong completion date can cause problems down the line if your education is audited.

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I’m licensed to numerous states. Do I have to pay the $40 National Registry fee (included in the $265 renewal charge) in Kansas as well as the other states?

Yes. Each state is billed $40 for each State Licensed, Residential and General Certified appraiser reported to the Registry.

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I tried renewing “on-line”, but wasn’t allowed to finish after answering “yes” to the disciplinary action question. Why?

The Board determined that due to the additional information requirements of an affirmative answer to the disciplinary action and/or civil action questions, renewals must be done on paper.

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