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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do I need to renew my active salesperson or broker license?


There is one exception. A new salesperson whose license expires less than six months from the issue date is not required to complete the 12 hours for the first renewal of the license. Licensees in this category will have the letters “SA” at the beginning of their license number.

Is there a certain course(s) I must take as a part of the 12-hour continuing education requirement to renew my license?


Salespersons and brokers must complete at least 3 mandatory hours in the course entitled, “Required Salesperson and Broker Core”.

In addition to the “Required Salesperson and Broker Core” course, brokers must complete an additional course entitled, “Required Broker Core” for at least 3 mandatory hours.

What courses may be taken for elective hours?

Any course approved by the commission for elective hours. Courses designated as “elective” may be found on the list of approved courses with the letter “E” at the beginning of the course code.

When are my continuing education hours due?

Continuing education hours and renewal of the license are due one month prior to the license expiration date. Expiration dates are staggered over a two-year period and are based on the first letter of the licensee’s last name. Courses must be completed within the current renewal period.

Will the extra hours I complete during this renewal cycle carry over to my next renewal requirement?

No. Continuing education hours must be completed within the renewal period for which they are due.

How do I register for courses?

Contact an approved continuing education provider for information on schedules, locations and course fees.

Are continuing education courses offered online or by any other distance education method?

Yes. The directory of approved courses reflects those that are offered by distance education. These courses require either a proctored, closed-book final exam with a passing score of 70% or a non-proctored, open-book final exam with a 90% passing score.

Are nonresidents required to meet the same continuing education requirement as resident licensees?

Nonresidents must take the same commission-approved course(s) for mandatory hours. However, nonresidents may receive credit for elective hours for courses approved by their state of residence if:

  • the course was taken within the Kansas license renewal period; and
  • the licensee files a certificate of course completion with the Kansas Real Estate Commission by the Kansas renewal due date. Please include your Kansas license number to ensure proper credit.

Will my Missouri Core class count for any continuing education credit in Kansas?

Maybe for elective hours, but not for Kansas mandatory hours.

A few providers in the Kansas City area have submitted the course and received approval because the course compares Kansas and Missouri law. The provider, in these cases, will submit to the Kansas Real Estate Commission a roster of course attendees and elective credit will be entered on your record from the roster.

If the course is completed with a provider that has NOT registered the course with the Kansas Real Estate Commission, it may still be possible to receive elective credit.

If you are a Missouri resident, email or fax a copy of the course completion certificate - Fax (785) 296-1771. Please include your Kansas license number on the certificate or cover page to ensure proper credit. Credit will be given as elective hours, not mandatory hours.

If you are a Kansas resident, complete an Individual Request form and submit a copy of the course outline, a copy of the certificate of completion and a $10.00 fee. We will review the content of the course and let you know whether it qualifies for credit. If approved, credit will be given as elective hours, not mandatory hours.

May I receive credit for a course that is not on the list of commission-approved courses?

Possibly. Submit an Individual Request form with the requested documentation and $10 fee. Be sure there is sufficient time (before your renewal due date) to take another course in the event the course submitted is not approved by the commission.

If my license is on inactive status, do I need to complete the continuing education hours to renew?

No. You must pay the renewal fee by the renewal due date, but the hours are not required until you are ready to reinstate the license to active status.

What are the “penalty” hours if I leave my license on inactive status beyond the 2-year limit?

In addition to the 12 hours required for the last renewal, “penalty” hours are required at the rate of 6 hours for each full year on inactive status in order to reinstate your license to active status.

If the license has been inactive for 5 years or more, the licensure examination must be passed in addition to completion of the “penalty” hours.

Will the hours I take to renew my appraiser’s license count towards renewing my real estate license?

No, not likely. Only courses approved by the Kansas Real Estate Commission will qualify to renew your real estate license. A few courses that focus on appraisal topics have been approved for elective hours to renew a real estate license. However, K.A.R. 86-1-11 limits a licensee to a maximum of three hours credit during any renewal period for courses the commission designates as real estate appraisal courses. Designated appraisal courses may be found on the list of approved courses with the letter “A” at the beginning of the course code.

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