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2018 Holidays and Pay Schedule courtesy of Deferred Compensation (KPERS 457)

What is the last day to use my 2017 Discretionary Day?* more

KPERS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan – New Online Experience, New Enrollment Codes The KPERS 457 website has a fresh look and new features. You can view your estimated monthly retirement income, estimate health care costs, and enroll or increase your savings online or by phone. To enroll, you’ll need the Group ID – 130000-01 and Plan Enrollment Code – ikgvoiI5.  Benefits of enrolling in your KPERS 457 plan

Designated Holidays for 2018 memo (May 19, 2017) and Discretionary Day for 2018 memo

2017 Holidays and Pay Schedule courtesy of Deferred Compensation (KPERS 457

Security Best Practice Reminder: Don’t fall for phishing or spoofing scams!

The Enterprise Security Office has requested that employees be reminded to be vigilant in protecting their personal information and usernames/passwords from criminals seeking to acquire sensitive information.  Criminals can and will generate e-mail messages, a practice referred to as “phishing”, that appear to be from a legitimate source and may direct employees to ‘validate’ your userid/password or direct an employee to a website that requires a username/password and looks nearly identical to actual websites the employee may use.  These criminal enterprises attempt to gain access to personal information by pretending to be employers, social web sites, government entities, financial institutions, credit card companies, etc. and tricking individuals into providing their personal username/password which then allows the criminals to access personal information. 

Employees are reminded to be cautious when receiving e-mails that originate from an unknown sender/email address and direct the individual to locations where a username and password are required.  Looking closely at the spelling, grammar, and actual URL (web address) in the message can give you hints that the email is not legitimate.  When in doubt, always use known websites or utilize a trusted search engine to locate the legitimate site.  In addition, if you have any questions regarding an e-mail, always check with the sender before taking action to ensure the e-mail is legitimate.

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