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    Additional resources will be made available for your review as they are received.

    Commission Report to the 2008 Legislature


    October 15 Meeting

    Presentation - October 2007 (Hay Group)

    Summary of Presentation – October 2007 (Hay Group)

    Attachment I

    Attachment II

    Attachment III

    Department of Labor Testimony

    Employee Testimony - Department of Corrections

    Kansas State University Testimony

    Kansas Council of Classified Senate (KSU) Testimony

    Pawnee City Economic Development Commission Testimony

    Council of Kansas Government Engineers and Scientists Testimony

    State Employees Association of Kansas Testimony

    Kansas Organization of State Employees Testimony (KOSE)

    Leo Schinstock Testimony

    Loren Kriegel Testimony

    Phyllis Saye Testimony

    Stan Fry Testimony

    September 7 Meeting

    September 7 Agenda

    Proposed Pay Plan Designs - September 2007 (Hay Group)

    Summary of Proposed Pay Plan - September 2007 (Hay Group)

    Summary of Benefits Survey - September 2007 (Hay Group)

    Frequently Asked Questions (Hay Group)

    July 30 Meeting

    July 30 Agenda

    Summary of Comments

    Compensation Terminology (Hay Group) [ppt]

    June 25th Meeting

    June 25, 2007 Agenda
    Testimony - Kraig Knowlton (DPS)
    Testimony - Gary Adkins (SEAK)
    Testimony - Howard Schwartz (Judicial)
    Testimony - Board of Regents
    Testimony - John Kruzel
    Testimony - Greg Hattan
    Testimony - Denise Moore (DISC)
    Testimony - Mark Wendland
    Testimony - Jim Shiefenacke and Julinne Kemp
    Testimony - Jon Brady
    Testimony - Janet Palmer (KDOL)
    Testimony - Ron York (
    Testimony - Mark Hurt (Council of Kansas Government Engineers)
    Testimony - Department of Corrections
    Testimony - Allen Humphrey (KDOT)
    Testimony - KAPE
    Letter to Commission - Department of Education
    Testimony - Jane Carter (KOSE)
    Attachment 1 (KOSE)
    Attachment 2 (KOSE)

    June 11th Meeting

    June 11, 2007 Agenda

    State of Kansas - Current Components (Hay Group)

    Summary of Other State Compensation Programs (Hay Group)

    Benefits Study Presentation (Hay Group)

    May 14th Meeting

    Testimony - Overview of the State Employee Pay Plan

    Attachment I - Central States Map

    Attachment II and III

    Attachment IV

    Attachment V

    Attachment VI

    Attachment VII

    Workforce Report 2006

    Total Compensation Information
    for State Employees

    Kansas Salary Survey Report (Hay Group)

    Comparison of the Average Wage Rates for Classified State Employees

    Termination Reason Codes