Accident Reports

Helpful Hints

Are all accidents included in this system?

Accident reports from May 1, 2013 are online in this system. Earlier accident reports may be added to the online system over time.

How soon after an accident are reports available online?

There can be a delay between the completion of an investigation and the report reaching the KHP Records Section for online access.

How long do reports remain online?

Retention policies will dictate how long reports are available online.

Can I be notified if a report is ever updated or changed?

Yes. When you sign in using your free KanAccess account to access KHP accident reports, you may request e-mail notification for any case in the online system. when the case is updated, you will be notified until you have returned to view the case. Notification is free of charge.

Why are some reports redacted with blacked-out sections?

For legal reasons, such as protecting the identity of minors involved in an accident, portions of an accident report may be redacted.

How do I get help if I have more questions?

Either visit the KHP office in person during regular business hours (8am-5pm, M-F) or call the KHP Records department at 785-296-6800.

Is there a document explaining the codes used on an Accident Report?