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WebFile Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Information

For questions about how to use WebFile, your tax account or Income Tax policy, rules and regulations, contact the Kansas Department of Revenue at (785) 368-8222 option 4 from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm CST, Monday - Friday.

If WebFile will not accept your Access Code, contact the Kansas Department of Revenue:

  • Email: KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov (Include your full name and last four digits of your Social Security Number)
  • Call: (785) 368-8222 option 4 from 8 am - 4:30 pm CST, Monday - Friday

For technical questions including assistance with logging in and passwords, contact the Kansas.gov Help Center:

  • Email: ks-helpcenter@egov.com
  • Call: (785) 296-5059 or toll free (800) 452-6727 from 8 am - 5 pm CST, Monday - Friday

If you have questions about the K-40 return, please visit the Kansas Department of Revenue Individual Income FAQ page.


Use your existing e-mail address to create a KanAccess account. This will give you access to WebFile and other services provided by Kansas.gov.

To create a KanAccess account and gain access to the WebFile service, use an existing e-mail address. If you do not currently have an e-mail address, many e-mail providers offer the service for free. Yahoo, Hotmail and Google are the most common free e-mail providers, or you may use another e-mail provider of your choice.

Go to the WebFile home page and select either “File Now” or “Sign In.”" You will see the KanAccess account page. Enter your e-mail address and password and select “Sign In”. Your browser will return to WebFile and display your personal filing dashboard. You are signed in!

Note: If you do not have a registered KanAccess account, select “Sign Up”, and follow the steps to create your account. Once you have confirmed your new account, follow the signin instructions listed above.

You will need to contact the Kansas Department of Revenue by email at KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or by phone at 785-368-8222 option 4.

If you cannot sign in because you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link next to the “Sign In” button. On the “Forgot Password” page, enter your e-mail address and click the “Submit” button. If your e-mail address exists in the system (you have previously registered with that address), the system will send password retrieval instructions to that address. Follow the instructions, retrieve your password and return to the sign in screen.

Contact Kansas Department of Revenue by email KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or by phone at 785-368-8222 option 4.


You may use WebFile if you are a Kansas resident or non-resident, even if you itemize deductions, as long as you have an existing WebFile account and have filed Kansas income tax return in the past 3 years. If you do not have an existing KanAccess user account, you will need to create one and then contact the Kansas Department of Revenue by email at KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or by phone at 785-368-8222 option 4 for your income tax account access code. You will use the access code to link your SSN to your KanAccess user account.

You may not file an extension, a Homestead Refund Claim (K-40H), or use WebFile if you have a Kansas adjusted gross income of greater than $9,999,999. If you need to file form K-120EX, you will not be able to use WebFile.

You are eligible if ALL THREE of these conditions apply…

  • a Kansas resident for the entire tax year, AND
  • the property owner, AND
  • your total household income is $36,600 or less,

…and ANY ONE of these conditions applies:

  • you were born before January 1, 1966 OR
  • you were blind or totally and permanently disabled all of 2021, OR
  • you have a dependent child who lived with you the entire year who was born before January 1, 2021 and was under the age of 18 all of 2021.

If you have further questions, contact taxpayer assistance at contact Kansas Department of Revenue by email KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or by phone at 785-368-8222 option 4.

You will need the following information when utilizing WebFile:

  • An online account with KanAccess
  • An Access Code or any 2 of the following: Filer Name(s), 2020 Kansas Adjusted Gross Income (KAGI), or 2020 Refund or Balance Due
    • Your Access Code can be obtained from the Kansas Department of Revenue by email KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or 785-368-8222 option 4, if you filed the income tax return in the past three years.
  • A completed 2021 federal income tax return, if you are required to file
  • All of your W-2 statements
  • A web browser that can handle 128-bit encryption
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (some state and federal tax forms are available online as Adobe PDF files). Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com for free to view and print these files.
  • A printer (if you want to print your filing confirmation page, a summary of your filing, a payment voucher form, or tax schedule forms).

If your address changed from last year, you are still able to use WebFile. Please enter your new address information when prompted and select the "Name or Address" change box.

If you need to complete information for Schedule S – Part A, you MUST answer “Yes” to the question pertaining to the Schedule S – Part A on the "Federal Details" page. This question clearly asks whether you have modifications to your federal adjusted gross income.

Enter the total exemptions for you, your spouse (if applicable) and each person you can claim as a dependent. However, if you file as "Head of Household" on your federal return you are allowed to claim one additional exemption on your Kansas return. If you file as "Head of Household," WebFile automatically includes the additional Kansas exemption. If another person claims you as a dependent on their return, you may not claim an exemption for yourself on your Kansas return.

Please do NOT mail any W-2's or 1099 forms. However, you must complete and mail or fax the appropriate schedules to claim some tax credits. You may access printable copies (in Adobe PDF file format) of the schedules online. If you underpaid (owe) and choose to pay using a personal check or money order, you must print, fill it out, and mail it with your payment to Kansas Department of Revenue. You do NOT need to mail a copy of your tax return with your voucher form. You MUST mail the voucher form and payment to the Kansas Department of Revenue to complete your tax return filing. Please mail the schedules and voucher form with payment to:

Individual Income Tax
Kansas Department of Revenue
PO Box 750260
Topeka, KS 66675-0260

Yes. When you have completed filing, at the “Filing Confirmation” page select the link that says “Summary of your Tax Return.” Go to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Print This Page’ button. You can also save your filing as an Acrobat PDF file. The summary will include your WebFile confirmation number. Do NOT mail the printout OR the PDF file to the Kansas Department of Revenue.


Yes. Whether you originally filed online through WebFile or through another method, you may amend your 2021 tax return filing. For other tax years, you must file amendments on paper.

If you filed through WebFile orignially, follow these steps:

  1. Start at https://www.kansas.gov/webfile/
  2. Click the “File Now” button
  3. Click the “Start New Filing” button
  4. Enter your credentials for finding your account and click “Continue”
  5. On the “Tell us about your filing” page, select that it is an amended return
  6. Continue through the filing process

For prior years, use the appropriate form below from the Kansas Department of Revenue:


Security of the systems and network is of utmost importance to Kansas.gov. The portal endures many intrusive security audits and evaluations on a rigorous schedule, in order to comply with various standards: PCI/DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, CyberTrust Security Management Program, as well as an annual third-party security audit.

Income tax information disclosed to the Kansas Department of Revenue, either on returns or through department investigation, is held in strict confidence by law. The Kansas Department of Revenue, Internal Revenue Service, and several other states have an agreement under which some income tax information is exchanged. This is to verify the accuracy and consistency of information reported on federal and Kansas income tax returns.