Sheridan County is named for Civil War General Phillip H. Sheridan. The Kansas Legislature created the county in 1873. While settlements began in the 1860s, it was not until the are experienced an influx of settlers in the late 1870s that led to official organization on June 5, 1880. Hoxie is named for Hubert M. Hoxie, an official with the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Selden is named for Selden G. Hopkins, a member of the Town Company that organized Selden.

The Mickey Museum, donated by Vernon Mickey of Hoxie,is operated by the Sheridan County Historical Society. This museum covers several generations of Sheridan County history through household articles, clothing, photographs, farming tools, local business items and much more. An authentic one room schoolhouse also rests on the museum grounds.

The Cottonwood Ranch is a state historic site located 15 miles east of Hoxie. It was established in the late 1800s by Fenton Pratt, who emigrated from England. The Cottonwood Ranch, originally a sheep ranch, provides a chance to observe an important era in Sheridan County History.
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